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  1. If it's your first DRS to Computershare, it took about 12 weeks for me, (no thanks to bad advice from a Computershare rep). It will be an agonizing four weeks before you probably get your first letter from CS for tax purposes, which includes your account number; then, on the Computershare U.S. website, register a new account with that account number, then another two weeks, maybe, you get a verification code in the mail, which allows you to access your account. The actual transfer of shares only takes about a week, and the long waits are for the snail's pace of setting up a new account.

  2. You’ll be fine my friend! I forget what the timeline was for me but it took way less time than they originally estimated. It sucks eating WS’s $300 fee but you 100% made the right choice 💜

  3. WS reduced their fee to $275 (including taxes). Nicer than $300 plus taxes, but still too much for what little they do.

  4. Call it what you will: bail-out, liquidity support, whatever fancy word salad you want. The ONLY reason the Canadian banks did not fail was because they received a government (taxpayer) bail-out.

  5. IMHO As you don't trust DeFi (and I'm not suggesting the current CeFi masquerading as DeFi), then storing your moass tendies in gold bullion or even real estate would be a better bet than any of Canada's existing Banks.

  6. Apart from a "hobby farm" (a rural laboratory, really), my tendies would be directed at patenting a number of inventions, (international patent applications cost about CAN$4,500 each), and some Canadian companies with promising technologies (TSXV: FWTC & ECM), as well as precious metals (TSX: AEM, which also uses Computershare as its transfer agent). I prefer tangible assets.

  7. This is for NEW Computershare accounts that need to be set up for the first DRS.

  8. Seeing this now. Very interesting considering what’s happening in the states

  9. Silicon Valley Bank had a branch in Ontario, (which offered lending, but was not set up for deposit accounts). Thus, CDIC insurance wouldn't be involved in this bank failure. Signature Bank apparently only had offices in the United States.

  10. Have you heard Buy and Hold? It’s a sign made by Apes for Apes. I can try to find a link if you haven’t yet.

  11. Can't DRS if you aren't going to BUY and HODL.

  12. That's a thought. Will see what I can do with that.

  13. Merde! The cheese curds on pomme frites with gravy are known here as poutine.

  14. We'll see what's happening more clearly on March 21. It appears the short-sellers are already in over their heads, now; and, with DRS continuing, they're going to start obviously running low on legitimate shares.

  15. Awesome post man, but you put me off with the tempted to buy statement. Kinds sounded like someone on the sidelines.

  16. I am more than 99.9 percent DRS'd, (with a couple HODL'd, bought with what was left in my WS account after my last DRS). A handful below $18 is tempting, but I'd rather BUY and DRS thru WISE and CS, (once I know how much I can spend, after calculating my income tax). The WS fee is CAN$275, so I could buy as many shares and skip that fee, (instead of buying that dip). Buying before 9:45 AM, today, was the wise move for those still planning on another DRS.

  17. Later this afternoon, a thought struck me that would at least make this thread relevant to Gamestop.

  18. Bank of Canada doesn't need to hold onto gold reserves. Canada is the fifth largest producer of gold in the world; and, in 2021, the output was about 220 tons. We don't need to keep it in the vaults. There's plenty in our active mines and much more yet to be mined.

  19. What's stopping the US from dredging out and draining the great lakes...

  20. Lack of know-how; and, besides that, while Lake Erie could be drained off, the other Great Lakes are actually deeper than sea level.

  21. People make bad decisions in all kinds of weather, and most scientists have no clue about space weather, (many astronomers cannot accurately predict meteor showers nor magnetic storms). Anything to get a research grant is my opinion of this nonsense.

  22. More recently, this depends on the volume of transactions to be DRS'd.

  23. To get a new W-8BEN tax form, download a copy from here:

  24. I am still accumulating shares with an old goal, (with another DRS around the end of January, when I thought my last DRS would be at the end of November). It has been a good time, since then, to buy the dips. When MOASS comes, I will sell some of those DRS'd shares.

  25. You can also set a sell limit of 10k a share...doesn't mean it will go through. I see nothing wrong with a system of allowing stupid people who don't know it is a holiday to just have the option fail.

  26. I've done something like that, occasionally, but find WS rejects my "ask" before very long. They were also nasty enough to recently reject one of my "bid" orders for GME, as it was a bit higher than the previous closing price; but, I caught their rejection, and re-ordered with a lower bid, (a good move, as I got shares with a lower opening price, which climbed to my original bid, later in the day).

  27. There are a few posts on Superstonk that relate to Canadian topics, and cross-posting them for discussion, here, makes sense to me, (and allows low karma people to participate). A bit more discretion might be advised. There are some gems on Superstonk, buried in the mountain of chaff and dross (or, it comical and crude commentaries).

  28. Yep; but, who knows if the shares that you bought are authentic or synthetic, until they're withdrawn from the DTC account into your account at Computershare).

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