My friend/coworker has been talking about his birthday for 2 months. He invited a lot of people and they said yes. No one from work showed up but me

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  1. I wear them lol. Only ever had one person give a shitty smirk. I do wear shorts over them lol. No shorts would be hella weird imo.

  2. Kuddos to this journalist though! Need more of this. Real questions by real people!

  3. What does “he’s my best friend” have to do with it? You struggle to make new friends? Afraid you won’t have any “friends” if he’s gone? If he’s your friend he’s a reflection of you. Tell him bring his own food when you hangout or cut his broke ass off.

  4. Grow a beard and look like a badass. You ever see those fat promoters at the club getting pussy? Has nothing to do with your head hair.

  5. You sound like a good client. Reach out to him. He’d much rather “waste” his time in the short term than you go use another agent

  6. If they get flirty (which doesn’t seem to be the case here) but check them quick. Pretend like you’re a man of god and you don’t even think of premarital sex. My matches seem to like that. When they shit test you tell them you didn’t even know that naughty side of you even excited 😂

  7. And to think there’s guys that still simp for someone with that attitude 😂

  8. Lol the art museum actually sounds sick. Screw the banging on the couch, you’ll wanna boot her as soon as you finish. At least make it a challenge.

  9. I had two phones for a little while, super annoying. Especially if you wear tight clothes lol. I now use follow up boss CRM with a phone number for internet leads, sign calls, google ad words etc. if you wanna build a real business that you can eventually step away from, you’ll need more than a personal cell number.

  10. Go to a functional doctor and don’t expect your insurance to pick up the tab. If you wanna be normal do normal shit. Never liked these tests comparing to the average joe either. Why would I wanna be compared to the average Joe.

  11. I see the pattern too. Most likely the builder is trying to turn the buyer against the realtor so they can cut him out of the deal. I’d bet money on this. “I own multiple houses but never pay a broker fee lol”. A $295 broker fee too, yikes.

  12. I wonder if there is some sort of blacklist among realtors. When I encounter a difficult client, I get tempted to refer them out as a last resort (if things get really bad) so it is a win/win. Let someone else deal with the insanity.

  13. In PA you can’t have anything that makes it sound like it could be a realty company. So words like Home, Homes, Property, Realty can not be used.

  14. Was a lot better by the second day, totally gone by the 3rd if I remember correctly. Think it was a pocket of oil that I had walked on all day at work. You got the same problem?

  15. Yeah hit the quad for the first time, on Wednesday. today will probably be the last day of pain there. Hit the right glute twice since. Been limping around since Wednesday lol

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