1. I know its hard for you... i was in this situation as i was in highschool, but have you made your move yet? Or just told her about your feeling? You said that she still "kind of likes" her ex, it could be too that she "kind of like" you too...

  2. Yes, she still kind of likes me too. But she also said that she just can’t stop thinking about her ex, sorry I didn’t add that because I was busy.

  3. Yikes im sorry to hear that, but you can't force love nor emotions. It all will be better!

  4. Hope it’s the first of many!! Just live your truth because at the end of the day your family will come around. With religion involved it might be a tough process but please b yourself and live your best damn life! It’s way too short and honestly we don’t know what’s after this. So live it up now good luck

  5. Thank you for your kind words! I really need that kind of support. Cheers to you and have a good day!

  6. Petrosian probably cheated to get in this position

  7. Das Studienkolleg selbst liegt an der THM, aber während Corona-Zeit würde es vermutlich in Marburg stattfinden. (Ich habe selbst in 2020 das Studienkolleg abgeschlossen)

  8. Well, this has to be a scam. Pretty fucked up to put this on a sub where people are expressing their deep hurt and insecurities. Shame.

  9. And congratulations to everyone who found any move other than bishop b3 here which loses on the spot

  10. I'm was in a long distance relationship, and since we broke up I've been dreaming about her for the whole week, i'm really insecure that she found another guy that fulfills her needs there than i do...

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