1. Honestly I don’t think IDW will effect Sonic characters much beyond __ defeated __ in their feats section

  2. I’m not gonna lie I audibly shouted “LETS GO!” When I first saw it

  3. Zombies by the end of the first book are comfortably heralds so I’m not sure how the Dceased would stack up.

  4. You say they’re biased for Sonic characters but in Silver’s case Ben openly disliked the character for years.

  5. I’m suprised no one ever mentions Goku in the rematch. That “I will never run from a fight” when all Superman says is that he doesn’t want the earth destroyed has made me cringe more than any other line.

  6. Remember those aliens that flew at Nolan so fast they exploded on contact? That’s Homelander.

  7. I think DB just reused models for the town, this has happened in a few fights.

  8. Ragna Vs. Sol I had gotten into both franchises a few years after the episode and could definitely see that fight needing a modern touch up

  9. Never understood how homelander didn't instantly die when his heart was removed

  10. The Boys characters are suprisingly resilient, in the comic Black Noir has half his body eviscerated and brain ripped out and he still survives for a bit

  11. I have seen just about everything from Star lord and Usopp to Shikamaru and Johnny Cage

  12. I think it’s unfortunate that despite the many Ws, I don’t like any of Peter’s matchups

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