1. I don’t actually hate my name, but my dad, Ron, tells people he just signed the hospital papers ‘By Ron’. At least it wasn’t Byronald.

  2. I’m a Canadian GenX who loves Faulty Towers and probably watched more of it than my parents did

  3. What does this title even fucking mean? Cheeseburger / Pepsi vibes? What does that even mean other than to later make the coke / drug reference?

  4. Type it into YouTube. You’ll be introduced to the Olympia cafe. I don’t think half the people on here get the reference. It’s the original ‘soup nazi’

  5. People love to post this picture but not the awesome photog: Jay Blakesberg

  6. Apologies. Didn’t know of him till I saw his name in an earlier comment. Looked him up. He is INCREDIBLE! Great photos all around! TIL!!

  7. Irony: that wood paneling was never cool, in any decade, ever.

  8. It was cool when I was 2, it was cool when I was 12, and it was cool here when I was 22. Still cool when I turned 32. Loved it better when I was 42. Thinking it’s friggin awesome at 52. HGTV tries to hard with the damn greys and navy blues. It’s a room a thousand years wide. That panelling has evenflow. It’s a four walled world. ( so cool)

  9. Goofy looking dudes of that era but they put out a decent 3 pack of records

  10. Always wondered why no country artist ever had the brains to cover Gypsy Road. Great Song!!!

  11. The "eary" eighties? But their ears are both either partially or completely obscured!

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