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  1. I know he's not on here but Wes Lee... We need a Wes Lee vs Ricochet feud it would be top tier high flying at it's finest. Or Wes Lee vs Jordan Devlin (I don't know how to spell his name now.) Or turn him heel and build him a faction With MVP, Omos, and Cedric Alexander as like a Hurt Business 2.0 or something different like how MVP had the Beat Down Clan in TNA.

  2. Brandon: You asshole, You Fucking Asshole! I was actually wanted to see that spot.

  3. It's Yoshi Tatsu he was in WWE in the early 2010s When NXT was basically a game show. He had a rivalry with Tyson Kidd and even appeared on WrestleMania, He was also in a few WWE games like SvR 2011, WWE 12, and WWE 13 (DLC) To be honest he could have been an amazing talent but WWE just didn't utilize it.

  4. I'm still sad about Hit Row, Bray Wyatt, FUCKING MURPHY, Nash Carter, and Braun Strowman

  5. I'm just saying him being paired up with MVP is really good for his career right now and can really make him a big star and I can't wait to see what he does in the ladder match even though he's not gonna win it.

  6. Definitely Ryback and Curtis Axel. I bet like majority of you forgot about Rybaxel being a tag team.

  7. Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy Vs Matt Hardy (That match doesn't get talked about enough.), Darby Allin Vs Cody, Kenny Omega Vs Pac, Bayley Vs Sasha Banks. Those are probably some of the most underrated matches of all time.

  8. I know they are not all WWE But still underrated matches.

  9. He has my name too. But I spell it different Malachi.


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