1. Can this please be un-pinned? It's been a year nothing is happening here and a terp engineer is not a thing lol. I'm sorry this had been bothering me for monthsssssss!!! We don't need this post up top anymore!

  2. Sorry, we are still working on something and hope to still bring it to you sooner than later. Terp-Engineer is also just a playful way of saying someone who knows a lot about ‘em.

  3. I'm down to help for sure! I have a few in depth videos on terps on my channel. I can definitely provide some good resources

  4. It’s based on review date, so first reviewed strains are up top, latest at the bottom. But makes sense for easy finding, but CTRL + F does work, but I hear ya and will likely update it to that. My bad, and thank you!

  5. Thanks for the info and temperature recommendations. I didn't even think about using my thermometer to check the banger temp. My banger was at 530 with a thermometer, but my device was showing 650 after tweaking and adjusting.

  6. I haven’t but gonna be worse than Quartz, I’ve heard and used a YoDabba Mini Enail with the 25mm quartz banger and that’s great and cheaper than a lot of other enails. Only different is minimum is 5 degree intervals but that’s plenty fine really

  7. Huge deal, these things are crazy. Idk if the tap has similar stuff but I want to move to that or phone transactions?

  8. I've got the bottom airflow one, I haven't had any issue with clogging just yet but its still early days

  9. Crumble does amazing, shatter maybe used to be an issue. My biggest recommendation is don't ruin your coils with reclaim when you're low/dankrupt and desperate. OR get a spare coil for reclaim

  10. These are good tips I haven't seen anywhere else when researching the vape so thank you! Very handy

  11. Unfortunately Reddit doesn’t allow these threads, especially anymore


  13. i wish they would stop with the “no combustion” bullshit…

  14. True but it is not good for health, but I agree they should promote vaping not ban smoking. But it really helped move the Elderly crowd etc to them I’m sure which is good

  15. Does anywhere have employment protection? Like any states have that intact? Cause I heard there is no real protection fr

  16. Let’s just say it was a bowl in a vape

  17. I wish a decent vaporizer didn't cost hundreds of dollars, but unfortunately it does. I have tried 3 different $100 vaporizers and they all sucked. Finally got a mighty+ and I'm really digging it, although I know most people can't afford almost $400 just to consume their medicine. I say torch that shit!

  18. SAI vapes are good “dry oil” vapes too!

  19. Yeah there’s no like metal detectors or anything to go through, it’s an indoor water park hotel

  20. Idk about great wolf but I know kalahari has metal detectors before you enter the pool area so just a heads up

  21. Interesting, there’s a gate you walk through idk if changed but I’d brought my vape there before. But good heads up! Maybe they changed cuz of us >.<

  22. Some people have PMd me saying I should call RISE and pay for the mistake. Lmao, they rob me enough, about time I come out even.

  23. At the least sometimes there’s happy accidents, and pay it forward to some lucky person some day in whatever way

  24. Do you work for OCC? I thought laws prohibited advertising like this.

  25. Report posts like this, it’s removed now

  26. Not often you have a candidate be anti weed but still be a shining example of humanity

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