1. And maybe a companion episode on his self-help books on If Books Could Kill?

  2. I highly recommend Michael's other podcast If Books Could Kill. Last week's episode on Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was so freaking hilarious.

  3. I've already listened to it twice, made my sister listened to it and I'm getting my mom to listen to it. My father actually had this book and employed some of the advice 🙄😳 (my parents are divorced)

  4. I typically tip a dollar or two for coffee drinks. I almost only purchase coffee out on the weekends, and not every weekend. I don't mind the 20% mandatory at Coco Cinnamon because they are up front about it, but it does mean that Coco Cinnamon is an extra special treat because it always ends up being so expensive. Definitely not something I would or could do everyday.

  5. They always ring up bags of coffee separately with no tip. Say something next time.

  6. Yeah, this should be the policy. I've made purchases where I was buying both beans and a drink to go and multiple times they've asked me if I want them to split up the purchase so I don't have to have the tip on the beans.

  7. Not too many cocktails of different type, some alcohol free. Print out the recipe. Laminate the recipe.

  8. I don't have a printer but I have created a little digital menu on my phone and then texted it to the attendees when they arrive. Folks seem to find this helpful and then you can always refer back to it.

  9. As someone whose dog has been attacked by an off leash dog and had lasting effects, running into unleashed or inadequately leashed dogs is a huge thing for me. It freaks me and my dog out because the attack was traumatizing.

  10. Jealous of your Opal and Falernum. I just killed my first bottle of Maggie's Farm Falernum but I live in NC so I have to figure out how to get more!

  11. I used to have those hedgehog measuring cups, I wish I knew what happened to them. I love your style!

  12. Eeee! Well unfortunately I can't tune in to the east coast broadcast and have to wait till 3pm my time but eeee I can't wait to listen to this!

  13. Which total wine? I haven't been able to find mermaid gin in the US...

  14. From my experience listening to almost every episode: I would be shocked if either has taken a health research methods class before.

  15. Very interesting, I would be interested if you ever feel like sharing a more detailed summary of maybe a particular episode where you saw a lot of issues. It's been a while since I took a college level science course and I don't consider myself particularly well versed in methodology and so I tend to trust them as well. To be clear, I'm not at all questioning what you're saying, just kind of a bummer to hear this.

  16. There's been a lot. I didn't finish the Zombie Statistics Spectacular or Is Being Fat Bad For You episodes, bc my frustration in how they represented studies wasn't worth it.

  17. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! It's definitely a good perspective just to keep in mind. I'll have to pay a little bit more attention to the methodology discussions.

  18. I just do 20%. Sometimes more if I'm only getting one drink. I think the dollar per drink thing is pretty updated. That's what I've been hearing for the last 20 years, and we pay more for everything now than we did 20 years ago, so I think we should be tipping more than a dollar per drink. For me it's just easier to do 20% across the board.

  19. I was still paid 2.13/hr making cocktails. I assume that's the norm in Durham but maybe current bartenders can chime in.

  20. I knew of someone living in Mebane who pronounced it MEE-BANE. Of course she was a person who pronounced her own name ( a common one ) incorrectly.

  21. Yes, but you can't substitute them for white grapefruits. Well... you certainly can, but they taste different.

  22. Interesting. How do you know if you've found the correct white grapefruit?

  23. It's only an upsell if you choose to buy the more expensive gin. If you're concerned about the price then ask?

  24. I've never had Aviation, but The Gin is In lists the known botanicals as: Caraway, Cardamom, Coriander, Juniper, Lavender, Orange, Sasparilla.

  25. It was 100% Old North Meats and Provisions. Sadly, they don't have any plans to continue operating elsewhere. Time for us to find another solid sandwich and burger spot.

  26. A challenge that I've recently started experiencing is that I feel like it's hard to find a spot in Durham to get a drink and a bite around lunch time on the weekends. Frequently after going to the farmers market I really just want to sit at a bar, enjoy a drink, and get some good food. Allie 26 is my usual spot for that kind of thing but they don't open until the evening. Same with Bar Virgile. At least in the food hall I could get food and then go eat it at the bar. And I know that there are still options there, but I'm really a burger girl. The search continues I guess...

  27. Thanks for this tip! I've always eaten outside there, and didn't even realize they have bar seating. I'll check it out next time I'm in this situation :)

  28. I always hit Batch 13 liquor store when I'm in town. I'm fairly certain they have Dr Bird and some hamilton. Most of their rum is upstairs, though some is behind the counter.

  29. Batch 13 has a good selection, but for Hamilton at least, their prices are a bit higher than Ace (by like $5-7) If cost is a consideration and Ace isn’t too far out of the way, I’d go there. Unless you were looking for something Batch 13 has and Ace doesn’t.

  30. Good to know! I really need to check out Ace next time I'm in town

  31. A friend of mine has been getting amazing work done by Missy in Salon Lofts downtown. I don't know if she offers builder gel specifically but I know my friend has been getting gel nail art, and I think she offers a few different services. She also seems wildly affordable.

  32. DM'd you and I'm signing up, I see there are only a couple of spots left!

  33. You're totally right but I quit Facebook 5 years ago and haven't looked back!

  34. Discord might be an option. I haven't used it but I keep hearing of people who do.

  35. I’d do a green wallpaper! My sister has one that has jaguars on it. I didn’t expect to like it but it looks amazing up!

  36. I immediately thought green also. There is already so much pink there. It looks wonderful, but i think pink walls would be too much, whereas the green would coordinate really well. Would love to see a jungle or plant theme.

  37. Nolets is definitely worth getting!!! I haven't tried Fords. McQueen and the violet fog wasn't really for me but I feel like I need to give it a second to try.

  38. I've had several friends look for Amazonia for me on various international trips and they all struck out. One friend finally did mail me one but I suspect he ordered it online somehow. Can be hard to find even if you are traveling internationally, apparently.

  39. Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison - nutritionist perspective that challenges wellness culture.

  40. I just checked. They're out of stock, but even when they are the price is $6.24/lb.

  41. Interesting. I like the concept but haven't been there yet.

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