1. Depends, do you count the billions/trillions of dollars given in foreign aid as helping people? I'm definitely down to compare aid money and resources handed out by country, where are you from?

  2. Who the hell wants coffins opened?

  3. Whoever keeps opening all of these Egyptian coffins

  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking! Plus the health benefits of not choosing shitty food, you would be in the best health

  5. I was tryna save characters but basically you save all the time that you spend waiting in line, waiting on uber eats, waiting for food to be cooked, warmed, etc. You could just Wandavision nutrition into your body

  6. Oh. Ok. Neither brand is available in my country, I just wanted to make a joke using the l'oreal slogan.

  7. You think that broken condom lawsuit that he filed is a joke???? Trojan wont even take the kid back, its ridiculous! Broken condoms are never something to joke about

  8. Lmfao your name😂😂 I can't get over how that fucker enunciated "HAWT, THHICK"

  9. Bird bones are surprisingly resistant. At the end, you could see it tuck its wings in, which indicates it came out relatively okay.

  10. When someone doesn’t realise the internet isn’t American.

  11. You knew it was American though so you can still participate, shitboy

  12. My partner works overnight so I’m up during the night often. My experiences include a group of teenage girls just sitting in our back yard and watching a toddler play in the street alone around 3am (I called the police, the toddler was safely taken home).

  13. Wait, you literally opened the door when your BF said he was 5 minutes away, or just unlocked it? And if the latter, then why was the door open at all?

  14. ESPN's opinion is only valid when it agrees with whoever is reading it, the majority of time folks dont like their take

  15. Pushes up glasses Well ACTUALLY, house cats are the best hunters of the cat kingdom, posting a 70some% kill rate. Top predator

  16. Some people think it makes themselves attractive to mate with, like it's a good gene to have

  17. I'd pick the choose your own adventure. There's too much of a chance that if I left it up to an author I'd end up being one of the masses who had to suffer and behave badly so that the main character would have a backdrop. Not that that isn't already the case if I do have free will, but at least it's my fault.

  18. Yeah I was thinking about this question because no malicious towards them, but if someone is generally unhappy in life(not unhappy from medical/m mental health reasons), would they rather it be their fault by way of free will or because they were destined to be so?

  19. JoDiaz is on a Calbasficopanya? I’d love to hear him say “let me tell you, I landed that exact combination on a hooker back in Boulder, 1997”

  20. "Lovely tits. So I staht eatin huh munkey. Den I pull out tha hamma"

  21. Wait he pissed what where???? And what ever happened to him saving those kids from the wreck? Was that real?

  22. Little known fact, this scene was cut from the last act of Kingsman.

  23. Ooooooooohhhhhh you cannot chay-ee-ain-ee-ain-ee-ain-ee-ain-ee-ain

  24. Can you heat it up to where it melts and then wipe off?

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