1. I'm all for them getting money, but soon as you start coding like a dumbass and people start getting pissed because of all your bugs, that money/job is gonna disappear real fast.

  2. Will do! I survived mustang ownership without taking out a single crowd 🤗🫡

  3. Hope you got the jumper cable out.

  4. In the US. I loved school lunch usually but on this particular day we were served a joke

  5. Someone failed life when they made this.

  6. I'm so glad I got out of there. Base pay was abismal. When I said I was leaving they offered me higher pay at the "next rewards cycle. Guaranteed. "

  7. Please tell me you use baby wipes.

  8. You're not pushing it in hard enough.

  9. I counted 21 on my X3M. There’s 22 if I count the digital M on the tachometer.

  10. Did your count the one on the intake?

  11. Now what did this e90 do to deserve this?

  12. Soooo another porsche taycan crossturismo with an Audi badge?

  13. I think Haldex pump failure is not uncommon. Easy diagnostic, when you punch it at a red light, do you feel the rear wheels kick or drag?

  14. dealer markup is getting a bit nuts these days

  15. Had the same being a UK employee of a US (Seattle based) company. They had to pay me to sit at home for 3 months when they let me go.

  16. I bet this guy talks a lot of smack at car meets about having a fast car.

  17. Let's be real for a second here. American Mild, they leave the chili powder in the pantry. American Spicy they put the chili powder on the counter next to the stove.

  18. That tire looks like it got pushed back. Did you hit it at this angle?

  19. That alcantara has had the life sucked out of it. the fibers are all flattened.

  20. Same thing happened to me. Just on the other side of the car. Went from the door to the quarter panel. Made a comprehensive insurance claim. Paid $500 deductible. Total came out to $1700 at high end body shop for my Monsoon Grey S3.

  21. Yeah and you get a lot of cars for $120k

  22. That's like what? 8 or 9 Corollas?

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