1. A smaller plant won’t drink as much water. I also currently have 1 stunted out of 3 autos and had issues with over watering in the beginning. Now it’s almost 2 weeks away from harvest and the density may be the best I’ve ever grown lol

  2. Vet Tech here, and it's pretty easy. I'd first start by scrubbing the area at least once a day with a dab of soap and warm water. Rinse and dry well.

  3. This looks stressed. Needs more airflow. Get a duct fan.

  4. Trust me it’s got plenty of airflow. It’s one of 4 plants and they are all doing well. It’s growing fast and healthy overall.

  5. I have a plant with the same discoloration, it was not natural variegation though. I gave all my plants a tea brew and it was the only plant that didn't like it, all the rest thrived on it.

  6. This one’s leaves have been variegated from the first true leaves, it’s been interesting. But it’s a beautiful plant.

  7. This actually looks like wild hogs. They will rub their sides on a tree mostly to get mud and dirt off of them or to relieve a itch and they will take off all the bark. They will come back to that same tree time and time again because it’s a way of leaving scent behind as well. Typically if you see a bunch of trees in one area and the bark is gone from the waist down and you are in an area with an established hog population then I would guess, wild hogs are the culprit. Especially considering you are right next to the water, look for signs of wallowing.

  8. I agree. 3 weeks. I usually wait until the stigma are all curled up and it's clearly starting to senesce. Trichomes don't look very milky yet with the exception of the amber forming on some sugar leaves.

  9. No just early LST and topping, then I let it veg for like 3 months and then I bent everything under the net and I got the net as low as I could without the branches braking, once I reached that point I trimmed everything off under the net. I waited 3 days and I flipped to 12/12. 7.5 weeks into flower.

  10. NASC is the best! My last order got turned around and never shipped properly. So I emailed them and that day they had the order repacked and out for shipping with a tracking number sent to my email. Always spend the $8 for insurance! Even thought that’s the only time that’s happened.

  11. Shouldn’t be fading quite yet, still got some time to go. Looks hungry for npk

  12. Where there are spiders, there are bugs. I’d check your plants if I were you.

  13. Pretty sure that's a spider, man. Spiders are friends.

  14. I just watered and he came out of the soil. First time I’ve seen one in my grow lol I did go completely organic this time around. Maybe that’s why. He’s got lots to eat in the soil lol

  15. Wow well done! I hope it brings many ounces unto your life 🙌

  16. It ended up vegging for 95 days, my auto I had next to it took longer than expected to finish so she had to wait. But shes got a 2.5ft by 5ft canopy. I also trimmed at least 2/3 of the plant when I transferred to flower. She was a really big girl. My last post shows the grow basically from the beginning

  17. Well big props to your patience! May the grow be with you 🍀

  18. Thank you! She’s also in a 7 gallon, direct seed to soil. So I think she had plenty of room!

  19. Oh no I know, it’s a struggle balancing a work schedule with the plant on 12/12, my schedule changes depending on what my work needs from me so I’m just all over the fuckin place and my poor ladies tend to pay the price since they’re not paying the bills lmao

  20. Looks like a ph issue but if that's dialed in I would say calcium deficiency

  21. This is a full “build a soil” organic grow. Lots of culture in that soil lol. I could be low on calcium though. I’ll try that and see where it goes.

  22. Do I just spray the plant with neem oil? That’s what my google search came up with? They are getting ready to go into flower in the next 2 weeks.

  23. I wouldn’t go mixing salts and organics. Makes things more complicated than need be due to salts capability to raise the medium EC. Just top dress with the appropriate flower based organic nutrient. What nutrients are you running?

  24. I top amended with worm castings and dr. Earth organic bloom 3-7-4. Last amended on the 25th of June. But I’ve got leaves yellowing off and dying starting at the top buds on all plants, they pluck easy enough but then I started seeing purple stems too. Now it was around that time on the 29th that I turned my lights up because that was the start of the 5th week flower. 500w in a 3x5 running a mother and 2 clones. Genetics unknown, bag seed. Soil grow. Absolute monstrous mother 😂

  25. yeah it was one of my tallest plants but if you are worried about height try low stress training

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