1. It’s mid and I love klutch so pass, looks aren’t that great and the taste is very bland. Nice effects but eh

  2. The Botanist cle got best dispo and is running 25% off 250+ orders and 10% off lower. Rise normally has more deals tho compared to the Bot only doing one at a time

  3. I must have got a weak ass batch of the apple cobbler it was dry, flavorless and harsh maybe will try again 🤔

  4. You do you, but I wouldn’t recommend using these botanical Terp vapes. I know they’re cheap but there’s a reason for that. You should only be using single strain live resin. No additives or chemicals. Sometimes the ones with distillate and live resin aren’t bad. Imo the best are Cresco as well as Buckeye Relief.

  5. Tried their purple urklr too and it’s even better than this one and has normal terps unlike this one

  6. I find the klutch dabs and Camino gummies are way easier to open if you go palm to palm and twist, instead of just pushing down on the top like a pill bottle, maybe try that?

  7. Looks like klutch has some people downvoting those who dare talk bad about them. Lots of pro klutch posts popping up the last few days huh….

  8. Isn’t not possible to taste mold through extraction process? But i think it smells like sweet GMO stinky gas so I think some people confuse that flavor

  9. Yea I’ve had it now, posted on my page. Had to see for myself and I still haven’t had a problem. Everyone wanted them to post a picture of the jar so we can see batch number and what not. Doesn’t seem like a way to get deleted cause some klutch fans weren’t happy? Just seems odd

  10. RC, Woodward, Farkas are the Mt. Rushmore of Ohio. I can't think of a deserving 4th brand.

  11. I can’t stand the taste either!! Try something you don’t have to chew so much, like I put it on a spoon with applesauce on top :)

  12. Light airy buds with minimal effect was my experience. Overpriced novelty weed.

  13. Dudes never made a post but claims he hates everything in the program, like don’t buy it then !

  14. Woodward is my favorite. I’ve been curious about rythm but have never had any flower from them

  15. You'll never see a sale on just Woodward itself. Your best bet is waiting for store-wide sales or sales like 20% off all concentrates/flower, or spend $x get y% off.

  16. I usually go to Rise or the Botanist and they only have vendor specific days, where do you go?

  17. I swear people don’t look into who they vote for and only look at which color. Two party system will always try to keep us separated smh

  18. I had the minis in my cart and thought I ordered them but evidently it popped outta my cart because someone bought the last one so I had to pay the extra 20 for reg size flower. I wouldnt do that with 95% of Ohio flower but I had not had the full size Banana MAC before and I really loved the minis effects. But yeah, minis are always the way to go with WW imho if you dont mind very very slightly less bag appeal. Their minis are like most brand's regular size flower most times I've gotten them.

  19. It'd be awesome if they did half oz's of the minis for even cheaper haha but I'm not getting my hopes up anytime soon. It's pricey stuff but usually worth it for me. I still have yet to try the Ultra Freshies...I've only seen it twice, niether time recently, at the dispo I shop at.

  20. Can always check Woodward site to see where it’s sold near you! They definitely need to come out with a bigger amount and get a little price break

  21. I had an orange 43, lemon slushee and pineapple pz in the last month or two and didn’t have any leaks but Don’t doubt it happened! Little c cell aren’t perfect. Their carts are on the darker side despite having good flavor? Or maybe I just keep getting older batches

  22. I agree those weren’t great but love apres! Tried it twice and both batches fire. I would stick to their classics otherwise

  23. It’s literally on their instagram and all over this sub. And yeah…I have like 100 containers around from the program. What’s your point lmao

  24. The rb was the best for me followed by the techron. They didn't have the apres so didn't get to try that yet

  25. Apres is the best, did you like the effect on the rd or something cause almost no taste for me ? Maybe I got a bad batch?

  26. Surprised to hear that flavor profile. I thought that runtz and heatlocker would make for some super fruity flavor / smell

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