1. I think he has already sold the narrative to himself that he’s a noble and virtuous martyr fighting the good fight, not that he knows it’s false but is putting on a show. That’s why he’s so resistant to taking criticism: him acknowledging criticism and taking accountability for mistakes would be as monstrous of a fuck up as Jesus dooming the whole world because he decided he didn’t want to be up on the cross.

  2. Thank you. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening, whatever’s your time.

  3. Can someone explain how, if you are doing investigations of assault in a wide community, it is wrong to ask an abhorrent person to help you reach out to potential victims that you could not otherwise reach?

  4. It's not dishonest to tell people to vote or canvass if you care about EV. The point is that you need to multiply the chance of you making a difference (in the case of canvassing ~148 votes) with the utility of it (i.e., the moral benefit of a democratic candidate winning). That latter number will be very high up to the point that the multiplication (the EV) is significantly positive.

  5. my man worked an hour to work out the reflection instead of blacking out the screen.

  6. Are Nick and MrGirl playing Smash Bros during the interview? Who's Nick maining?

  7. It's not like I'm unconflicted about it. I enjoy your perspective and I'm open to changing my mind on the matter. I'd like to discuss it sometime with more attention and prudence if you are open to it.

  8. You're in a MrGirl subreddit and you're accusing other people of being brainwashed?

  9. Trump was a (pretend) billionaire with one of the most successful shows on tv the previous decade. A household name for much longer. When Fuentes cameos in the future equivalent of a Home Alone film then I'll get worried.

  10. Nick Fuentes is 24 and already skyrocketing his way into mainstream American culture. Fuentes is not Trump, but he is similar to him.

  11. How many people has Jimmy Kimmel mocked? He has a weekday show, he's mocked tens of hundreds of people.

  12. In all likelihood he will never be president. But if there's going to be a fascist president, it's going to be someone like this guy.

  13. Hi AConcernedDGGer, I know there's a running hypothesis that Destiny fans are a brainwashed but your unhinged posting suggests you are a little brainwashed in the other direction.

  14. Maleficiant_Ice9867 tells mrgirl to interview Turbulent-Oil-6934. Something sounds off here:

  15. This is absolutely braindead. Taking your analogy, imagine if a Trump voter tried to criticize Biden for bragging too much about his own accomplishments, saying things like "how can you vote for such an egotistical old man?" It wouldn't be whataboutism to point out the insane hypocrisy there, it would be the basic response you would expect any intelligent person to have. It means the Trump voter is being insincere or deceptive, because they clearly don't think being egotistical and old is actually disqualifying, because their guy is way worse in that regard than Biden.

  16. It's one thing to point out hypocrisy, it's another to shut yourself to criticism to your side over it.

  17. "how come you are friends with Lav then?" is not a what whataboutism tutorial:

  18. Finally, a meme everybody can laugh at

  19. I think the reason Tinchy is shook is because he knows Max can and will be very fair. The reason people, and even DGGers (not that they are not people) started watching him is because he can be very sincere, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He will read it 20 times before publishing it to make sure he can argue every claim. He took it upon himself and there's no hiding behind the "it's just a shitpost, bro" excuse Tinchy used with the Keffals manifesto.

  20. I have no idea who Tinchy is but the phrase "even DGGers (not that they are not people)" made me chuckle.

  21. Again, nobody cares about this article. It seems you truly don't understand the meaning of those words. What people take issue with is the process of his "investigation". mrgaslight stalking every person in Destiny's life (including non-streamers, something you lying rats keep trying to sweep under the rug), manipulating Ana and then throwing her to the wolves, publicly accusing Destiny of being a sexual abuser and Weinstein while refusing to explain how he is, lying, and generally being a harmful piece of shit. He could be right about the dynamics in Destiny's streams and all of this would still be true, and he'd still be an unhinged narcissist for whom ethical boundaries don't exist.

  22. In your original comment you talk about your predictions on the content of the article, and then when I respond to it, you instead discuss his investigation process. It is hard for me to tease out anything worth responding to for a coherent discussion, but I still suggest folks to take mrgirls' article as a "brainwash check" for reasons outlined last comment.

  23. Here's how you can get an answer

  24. Milo has been Fuentes' manager/friend for years, you are delusional if you think Destiny had anything to do with this. Milo is well connected and it's far more likely that Candace Owens linked Milo with Ye.

  25. Even if there is only a 0.5 to 5% chance Destiny indirectly made this happen, considering the gravity of this meeting, that would prove mrgirl more than right already.

  26. Destiny also said that mrgirl has either lied or misrepresented facts when messaging some of these women. He says he have proof. Smeth says he will get a definitive answer out of mrgirl. Should be interesting how that plays out depending on mrgirls answer..

  27. What time is the mrgirl stream?

  28. Me when my mom makes me dumplings but they have spinach inside

  29. Are you posting in the right thread?

  30. Dude will get his panties twisted over an april fools joke

  31. THIS is your evidence? lmao. You have zero clue who that blurry faced man is.


  33. Yes, lets create new accounts for every influencer cuz they like to extend thier powers.

  34. You're right, what was I thinking. Let's be steadfast and angrily protest microcelebrities who overreach their power on an internet forum that mostly serves as a way for users to procrastinate away from more valuable life activities. God will look upon your virtues and bow for you.

  35. I value good places for procrastination.

  36. This is my last response to you, I don't think there's anything that will sway you once you've set yourself this steadily. What a waste of time this is going to be.

  37. The symmetry breaker between you engaging sexually with Ana and her current partner doing so is that you know for certain that you and your feelings toward her in particular were triggers for her compulsions, so showing sexual interest after suggesting permanent radio silence is about the worst thing you can do.

  38. He's fishing for a permanent ban by defending himself from attacks in another subreddit

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