1. Have a Woodwind 24. Started flaking paint a few months after I bought it. They gave me the option of credit or send a new one. I opted for a new one. It started flaking as well but not quite as bad. The WiFi is hit and miss if it wants to work and now having internal temp probe errors. It’ll shut down mid cook and throw an error about not being able to read the probe.

  2. Dude my WW 24 just flaked a shit ton of paint so I’ll be messaging CS again. I can’t recommend them since it’s only been like 8 cooked in.

  3. i don’t recommend working in restaurants. might just be a personal thing but i hated it. starbucks might be a good option for you. im an LVT now and i worked in the kennels at vet clinics before becoming a technician. most clinics in birmingham & surrounding areas are in desperate need of help!

  4. Nah, everyone should work in the service industry. It teaches everyone that the job sucks and makes for better restaurant goers.

  5. I movie about Birmingham called Wrong Place? Is it about all the people who come here looking for

  6. I know a guy and am pretty confident this project is dead for now.

  7. Considering the rumor has been around since 2008, I would say it’s been dead a long time.

  8. No. They wanted to make it easier for people to order from Amazon and maybe they could sell more from their warehouse.

  9. No. It’s about collecting data to increase advertisement sales.

  10. Her and her kids were at his concert on the 15th just 3 days ago. I’m getting blindsided being dumped vibes. Bet her publicist released this veiled as “sources say”. Must suck to ruin your marriage and break apart your family for a crush.

  11. Beef plate ribs, I think. Beef backribs are not the same! Backribs are cut off the ribeye and are delicious, but absolutely nowhere near as meaty.

  12. Yeah the beef back ribs are tasty, but I wish they would just put out these rib plates.

  13. You're not really interested in food or even helping on the forum. Your snide suggestion elsewhere in this thread to visit Chilis reveals a great deal about you.

  14. Damn the projection is real for you huh? I’m sorry you were bullied by your family and your classmate. But unlike you, I can find the humor and going to terrible chains. Some of the best dates I’ve had is going to knowingly cheap bad restaurants. The Essential is just bad and there’s zero reason why no one with a sense of taste should waste their money there when a chain produces better food. One of these days, you’ll get your head out the sand and grow up but till then be a child.

  15. Hah. I knew I had you pegged. Anyone whose response to a perfectly innocent question is to go to Chilis is a deeply insecure person who gets his jollies by crapping on other people. Just admit you were a jerk, apologize, and move on.

  16. I think you misunderstood and that’s okay. It’s a legitimate answer because unlike your boring ass I can have fun with drink cheap drinks and laugh at the ridiculousness of corporate America. I don’t need to pretend that a local restaurant is good because they’re local, when the reality is that it’s shit. I can tell you have no personality if you can’t make a chain restaurant date the best date ever. You live a basic life if out all the local restaurants you pick that place because the suburban mother’s told you it’s good. I think you should re-read your comments and realize why I’m not overly nice to someone like you. You were heated from the start because you’re just an ass that thinks they’re better.

  17. That’s a weird way to spell better Korean restaurants

  18. Really love all the folks at Unhallowed and Sanctum. They'll do you right.

  19. I realized after I bought it that there was a chance the seller didn't actually own the rights to make and distribute the model. The model was designed by someone else, and I think they only sell the 3D printer file for personal uses.

  20. Not Rodney Scott’s. I don’t think the Saw’s in Leeds has the full menu (but that may have changed) and I’ve never been to the Hoover location. Saw’s is one of my favorites though so might be worth trying it in Hoover.

  21. I went to the Hoover location recently and I was extremely disappointed

  22. You really consider the traffic on 565 and the Parkway to be gridlock? You need to visit some actual large cities lol.

  23. And the term “bigger” isn’t really a great descriptor either. Sure, it has 221 square miles with a population of 222,000 compared to Birmingham’s 150 square miles and 199,000 people. Those are objective numbers. However, Huntsville’s downtown and amenities are laughably insignificant in comparison.

  24. Imagine atl with only half a million people and no metro area.

  25. Sat down to eat there and saw the 24$ spam salad. Promptly got up and walked out.

  26. love what Kara Kryger does at Unhallowed. she's pretty backed up with reservations, but i love everything she does!

  27. I love Kara. I’m trying to figure out my next tattoo her. She’s also will be the only person to tattoo me multiple times

  28. You can access your work environment over wifi, that shouldn't be an issue. Your physical cable and SSID Ultimately go back to the same subnet. It is possible your work issued device connects via a VPN and will not tunnel out through a wireless adapter, which is silly. But it could have been set up that way.

  29. I know my work desktop has wifi disable and inaccessible. Not saying that’s the case for him but it’s annoying.

  30. I went once and had to wait over an hour after we ordered to get our food that was cold.

  31. I’ve never not kept a tattoo covered for 2-3 days

  32. I never keep my tattoo covered. Only time I had one covered for more than a couple of hours was because we got done at 11:30 pm. Went home passed out and that’s the longest I’ve ever had mine wrapped.

  33. The no lotion thing is just fucking weird... Scent free hypoallergenic lotion is my best friend if I don't have saniderm on... I just want to know where you're getting a 4 hour piece for $500 😂 all the artists where I am are $200-450 an hour now. I miss the glory days when I got $100 an hour, but that was only if I committed to an 8 hour sitting

  34. Yeah, one of my artists charges $150 and they other by the piece. Last one I ended up on her table for 9 hrs and she only charged me $600 but I tipped her $200.

  35. I hate google maps. Not an Apple fanboy but I always prefer Maps over Google Maps. Google looks dated and is clunky with directions.

  36. Maybe but the reason I look at google maps first is because Apple has outdated hours of operations on a lot of places.

  37. Apple is pretty quick about updating things, if you bother to tell them. I submit updates all the time and within a couple of days I get a notification that they’ve fixed it.

  38. I’ve been burned too many times and arriving at a place that was closed that I don’t even check Maps anymore, only for directions.

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