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  2. I guess all Asians with glasses is Hideo Kojima. Well done OP, you're an asshole.

  3. VYV. Moving out later this year but been here for almost 3 years. Some of the best amenities IMO. Better than the Ellipse. I recommend touring it.

  4. VYV is one of the best high rise buildings I've ever seen. Everything inside was impecable.

  5. Agreed! One of the best full sized gyms I've ever seen in an apartment. Real power racks and dumbells up to 100lbs. That won me over 🤣

  6. My guess would be no. Because AIB cards mostle suck air in then out in all directions. And most sides of the cards are blocked. The FE atleast mostly shoots the hit air out of the case.

  7. That trip usually only takes 1 hour right? My parents house is by Ronkonkoma stop. How does it become 2 hours? Is the trainer slower or does it go a different route?

  8. So that's a question I've wondered about for a while, because I notice its way easier for me to maintain a neutral spine on a trap bar since the handles are about 2-3" higher and it follows my transverse center of gravity, rather than having the center of gravity an inch or two forward of my body. I can lift around 425-445 ORM on trap versus 385 ORM on traditional, and I worry a lot less about the potential for back injury when using trap since there's less leaning forward into it.

  9. Trap bar is more quad centric, less posterior chain since as you say, it's more center of gravity. Less hinge, more squat-like. So I believe it just trains different parts of the body. Which for some people, is the expected result for their sport

  10. I think the difference you're talking about is not nothing (trap bar does hit quads more), but everything I've read says the difference is small.

  11. You right. My comment was poorly written. It is definitely more deadlift than squat in the spectrum. I meant to describe, compared to a deadlift, it is slightly more of a squat. If that makes sense 🤣

  12. Make more money and get a Credit card like Amex gold or chase sapphire reserve that give you memberships to uber eats or grubhub premium and 5/10$ a month credit to apply to orders.

  13. Moving away from radar is to prep for migrating to single stack FSD code base. Currently all the learnings from FSD beta is a separate entity than AP.

  14. I wonder how those of us with HW2.5 and below will fare with this move to the merge. If our hardware wasn’t powerful enough for FSD, seems like it should t be running the same code.

  15. Right. It should be the company's responsibility to either support a version the hardware can handle. Or provide a way to upgrade the hardware to support the new software if they force people to get it.

  16. I had a similar issue when roller my chair a certain way. My monitor would flicker. It has to do with electromagnetic waves. I bought ferrite beads from Amazon and attached them near my hdmi cable input and it stopped happening.

  17. The first law of thermodynamics hates this one trick!

  18. The essentric is not harder than the concentric on the deadlift. And depends what you're training for. This is the strength sub, we care about lifting heavy ass weight properly. And per powerlifting rules, you can drop the weight as long as you hold on to the bar. So even judges don't care about the essentric.

  19. Your car will depreciate in 3 years whether you drive it or not. Selling it then buying new one in a couple years will net you more value financially.

  20. I’ve tried all of them and keep going back to Sky Thai.

  21. That was always my assumption as well. The autopilot should be the best since Tesla is the closest to FSD. I don’t trust it completely, just think of it as improved cruise control. In many cases I feel like I’m more aware with it on because I can focus on what’s coming up way in front or behind.

  22. AP and FSD are not the same code stack yet so FSD being better has no affect on AP. They're updated separately. Their goal is to combine the 2 in the future for easier maintainability but just locking the FSD portion if not purchased.

  23. It simply makes no sense to own an electric car without home charging

  24. I live in a major city where most people live in apartments. It's not better than home charging but owning a Tesla still makes sense to me.

  25. They turned off the ability to order the LR Model 3 until 2023 probably because of super high demand. There's no reason for them as a company to modify the production line even a little bit. Credit or no credit, the demand is insane.

  26. They look identical to Rimetrix Orbitals. Who copied who haha.

  27. I'm guessing those are actually the ali express copies of rimetrix, just repackaged and sold. Unless rimetrix and teslapro have a deal. Either way, looks great on the car! I actually like them better then the fauxturbines everyone is sharing, but happy to see so many options these days!

  28. Same. I'm a big fan. Easier to spot my car from a distance since there are so many Teslas in my area now 🤣

  29. Only 2 or 3 phantom braking during my 2400 mile road trip in a 2022 Model 3 LR a few months ago. Eastish Coast. NJ, VA, NC, TN, KN, OH, PA and back to NJ.

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