1. Grown Rogue always a solid zip these days...125 OTD all over usually

  2. Don't sleep on MSC3 in Adrian. Got 2 great zips sub 140. Tickle burger and a runtz that had the biggest nugs I've ever seen for runtz.

  3. As always, it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  4. I believe he had a perfect passer rating in his Patriots career

  5. I am a beast at rolling almost anything. I have been rolling for 34 years since I was 10 years old. Should see what I have done. Gonna do a 1 oz cone probably tomorrow.

  6. Um.. like a cone cone? Aren't those filled not rolled?? Lol

  7. If medical, you really can't beat Green Labs Provisions inLuna Pier. Dutch Touch genetics and almost all the time all medical OZs are $110. Superb stuff.

  8. Medical cards don’t really matter in Michigan anymore.

  9. Agreed on buying, but saving $10 every hundred adds up.

  10. I've never been to Kai, and now I never will. Thanks for the save.

  11. I'm not sure how long your drive is, but Adrian is a sweet spot prior to Monroe.

  12. Truth! It's been a month or more easy between rums for me

  13. Where at if you don’t mind? Haven’t seen in Monroe

  14. A few spots in Adrian have em. Northcoast Provisions has them hash for sure, but I think Endo may have them cheaper.

  15. If MSC3 still has Tickle Burger, which they had Monday, then 100% grab it. Think it was 130/z. Literally tickles the nose when smoking.

  16. So I’ve tried 5 different Breeze LR (super lemon haze, granddaddy purp, space runtz, tangerine dream, and legend OG), and so far I’ve tried 4 Sauce Reserve (animal mintz, blue cookie, white runtz, and platinum rosé).

  17. So just delaying the landfill destination until u have a lot to add? Not sure how a basement bucket is saving the planet. Lol

  18. No but I like sarcasm too. Everything has a battery and hopefully they become recyclable. Thanks for your 2 cents though, Troll.

  19. Why not take em apart and save just the battery? Plastic, metal, and glass. Surely you have extra buckets.

  20. Punch breath and gelato cake look good, I’d have to get a better look and smell at the others

  21. And the Kobe? Man, the prettiest lady in the room!

  22. Rso. Take enough of that and you will have all ya need for a fun time

  23. Love RSO and you're so right! I've only ever used it to put me to sleep. Do you have a daytime recommendation?

  24. Tbh, I've zero experience in the PA program, being in Ohio. I just took an IT job with FRX and start Monday. I do see that Rise has strain specific choices. I'd see if there is a strain u like or have had before. They also have generic ones hybrid, energy, etc.

  25. Some of the finest jars around. Crisp and clean, almost like their empty.

  26. RSO, is always, by the process it's made, full spectrum. Many of the premade edibles are made from a distillate that essentially reduces the medicine to THC alone, stripping it of other important cannabinoids and terpenes. The most medicinal value, for most people, comes from the "entourage effect" (google that for more info) of all of the cannabinoids and terpenes combined.

  27. This! Baked potato analogy is perfect. Well said.

  28. Use some cheap clean up/material left in butter to strain

  29. If in Adrian Northcoast Provisions has them 30% every Friday...$142.10 OTD.

  30. This is only cool if every cheerio is lofted up towards the ceiling and caught in thy mouf!!

  31. Make sure you sign up for their points too..fucking solid! Can use on deals too! 500 points is $10 off and a

  32. I meant gutted their pre bad.

  33. They did EPBC with ProGro last year that was fantastic!

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