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An amazing showing.

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  1. Boy your text made it just cringe... if the red was darker it would of been mid

  2. I always watch this guy on 2.5x speed

  3. Yeah he can be like that, I would say the pod should be pre recorded 😅

  4. He would totally do it! Would he demand about $4k? Yes. But he would love this pod after his first appearance.

  5. Yes he's a good dude! And an amazing story teller

  6. Played for many years, the highest YA player i got was 73 and he got crazy good. 80 is madness

  7. I would like to forget this ever happend

  8. Whats up with some of our youths? Man City and Chelsea is way harder to break into

  9. Unfortunately I agree, it's rarely just a once off thing, sorry to be the bad guy..

  10. Why you getting downvoted? It's facts

  11. Honestly I don't know, I guess some people can't handle spice, other people can't handle

  12. The downvoters are probably those who are deluded and think their cheating bf is loyal

  13. I also smile when my dick is burning

  14. Thats my experiment to see if my post thirsting over a girl guest would it be received the same way lol

  15. This is a rare exception. Try it with Olivia or Sam and youll get blasted

  16. What if they send you straight into fut Squad battles

  17. Used to like AFTV until they became one big AD. Now i just search on twitter or listen to That's football

  18. I used to like it too, then a couple interesting characters moved on/passed away (RIP Claude), then it became one big graphics/Ad orgy, with younger, less interesting knobs trying to make it sexier. I still watch a couple people though, the old schoolers. Pretty soon it will be like a pregame show for NFL football, instead of doing what they originally intended, which is provide a voice for a bunch of hardcore London Arsenal fans.

  19. Yeah I agree with you, I still watch Lee, and Ty when we lose lol. But I just can't stand Cecil and so many others are so uninteresting. Robbie fires the best people and replaces them with trash, Aftv has become very mid

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