1. He scored 8 in his last 2 matches. Mad

  2. I'm no marine biologist either, i have looked after fish for over 40 years though, for a start it looks emaciated, it's gulping for oxygen, and it's holding its gums and teeth outward of normal.

  3. Im pretending i'm on x-factor and shit

  4. Just sit on the other one and say its the best one, they will switch immediately

  5. Wait did he really? Is Rashford not even in the squad?

  6. Nah i meant in the WC, Rashford was on 3 goals and bro picked Sterling on left vs France, fucking joke

  7. On this sub its beloved. But I think its average, just not for me

  8. Someone tell me why Ødegaard is not playing today?

  9. I feel so out of place sometimes on this sub as a male

  10. He says Jay-Z is overrated but he listens to Drake

  11. Can't change the flair for some reason

  12. (garnacho). There's absolutely no reason for me to dislike this kid, but I just do, probably because of his super punchable face and celebrations

  13. If we sell Balogun i will be the definition of fuming

  14. Why would we need another kid laroi song wit juice. Laroi is good but this mf voice annoying asf

  15. Kinda fire tho, just a little bit Admit it

  16. Juice wrld redditors are hella dumb lmao. Song is hella good

  17. Since they use Joker as their pic their def a troll with no life

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