1. GoldenDuo, like. I believe that BV possesed Fredbear with Cassidy for awhile, but not forever. And the logbook is used as evidence, but what they would talk on logbook if they possesed the same animatronic.

  2. 2. "Its amazing how the human body can live without the frontal lobe 6. The final speech + Insanity ending Implies that they were not directly working together 8. She is not, Elizabeth died at 1983/85 9. It is canon 11. There is a calendar on one of the offices to indicate the date, and 2033 don't match


  4. I believe Glamrock Freddy was heavily inspired by original Fredbear's design shown in Fredbear's Family Diner's posters (fangs, colors, face paint and its shape). That would explain the abundance of Golden Freddy references all over the pizzaplex.

  5. Can work, but protect is on the Glamrocks program

  6. The thing is, a piece of Cassidy's soul is in Freddy acting like an anti virus, that only do not work at the end due Afton being stronger. BV is not confirmed to be Golden Freddy and the protection argument for Charlie is weak

  7. funny how you passed on every human like character but one. Do i smell a furry?

  8. N-no, pfft. I don't know where you got this from, its just a coincide. Hehe...

  9. She could posses Molten Freddy following the other souls

  10. I liked that version... Nothing in specific, just liked it...

  11. There is a site called Photopea, use this because I CANT FREAKING READ ANYTHING

  12. Thank you! This video was amazing, all the good points, good art work and didn't got unecessary disrespectful at any point

  13. I think it's pretty undeniable it means something, yeah.

  14. I don't remeber if he talk about these lights or Charlie Door

  15. What the other user is trying to say is that the foxy grid consists of the alphabet constantly repeated until the grid ends. This means that in one repetition of the alphabet, if you find a pattern it would also appear in the other repetitions. For example, I can create a hook pattern of B,J,K,L,F, and X and it constantly repeats:

  16. I think that minigame Fredbear and UCN Fredbear are the same and I don’t think Nightmare Fredbear is enough evidence to say otherwise because the main 4 nightmares are based on either the withereds or classics (I think they have more similarities to the withereds design-wise) yet still look slightly different. I also think that Golden Freddy is just the Freddy’s version of Fredbear, so it looks slightly different but a very similar design.

  17. Yeah, minigame and UCN Fredbear are probably the same. But i think the rest still aply

  18. I love how we only started to call him Cakebear after Dormitabis released

  19. Is there any reason why UCN’s canonicity is dubious?

  20. He would get at FNAF 3 Follow Me minigames, as indicated by HRY223. "He lured them all back, back to a familiar place. Back with familiar tricks. He set some kind of trap, i don't know what it was. But he let them there, again. He overpowered them, again. And he robbed them of the only thing that had, again" Shadow Freddy (made by agony created by William's wickndess) lured the Classics to a familiar place (safe room) using a familiar trick (Follow Me)

  21. You forgot to mention the he says that SL, 6 and UCN are canon. SL shows FNAF 4 on Break and private room and FNAF 3 on 10/20 cutscene. FNAF 6 shows TCTTC and GGGL, showing that they are not only minigames. And UCN shows Golden Freddy at final cutscene.

  22. "It's time to rest, for you. And for thoose you have care in your arms" Showing GGGL and also GF appear on UCN. So yeah, this theory does not work.

  23. Pretty much agreed, i liked it. But i have one question, Does TakecakeFreddy's needs FFPSOldFreddy’s? Or can i be FFPSFredbear's and TakecakeFreddy's?

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