We’re Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, costars of the upcoming film RENFIELD, here to answer all your questions about bugs, bad bosses, and everything in between. AMA!

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  1. Alternatively, you could have just stitched together two different videos.

  2. I can't have physical human contact without breaking down in tears.

  3. Its more reasonable than you might think. The modern American dialect is way closer to root english than the brittish dialect. The english social class culture caused them to go through wild shifts in what was deemed "fashionable" in pronunciation. Whereas american is a comparative time capsule of how people (of both nations) spoke in the 17th century.

  4. I'm not well known except I always feel like people telling stories about how I fuck up and am not nice or stupid

  5. Why would you assume I'm racist? And specifically what is the racist assumption? Like exactly 0 of my girlfriends have been white.

  6. Are there any good MMA training cages or gyms in the round rock area?

  7. Some of them are just children their parents tried to medicate out their "stupid shit"

  8. You're right! It was definitely Christianity and not undiagnosed mental illness that drove your mom and bro to those actions and behaviors. Damn, Reddit so smart. Wonder why we even have religion anymore, Reddit has shown all of the obvious and totally related fallout.

  9. Christianity coddled those behaviors and told my mom that she was a saint for trying to homeschool us despite her clear lack of ability to function in that capacity or to demonstrate love to her children.

  10. Very. Literally all you have to do is tell them your not horny or too horny or sneeze too much or wanna lose weight.

  11. Me: I am a man and I would like to transition to a man

  12. Guy seems like an unhinged nut job (plz don’t add me to the suit)

  13. "i want to see someone lose their entire savings" What a guy you are

  14. Pocket twos. Seems on the surface like I'm okay. Already got a made hand right out of the gate. I got a better chance at beating out champions like AKs that run the show and the world than they do of beating me, but only by a slim margin.

  15. Well I missed that I had a straight flush in PLO when the river gave him top boat and me the nuts because I was playing 2nd full house.

  16. Boomers after they brag about playing pong for 15 years followed by 25 years of spider solitaire

  17. People are responsible for the consequences of their actions. That include their lies.

  18. Next car pulls up: “yeah, can I have the chicken nuggets?”

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