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Affidavits: 2 more pregnant minors who were raped were denied Ohio abortions

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  1. Man. That sounds like someone took out a business loan before knowing they could actually make the business work.

  2. Man these boomers really got a graaaaand sense of entitlement like they say.

  3. Bruh I love taking nudes of myself for fun like every day hahaha its a confidence boost

  4. So if the VA is requesting $300 Billion in 2023, and there are 18 million veterans, does it make sense to just get rid of it and pay out the cash directly which would be about $1,400 per person per month to veterans?

  5. That an MLM can actually work: sorry, but you're selling rubbish to people who don't want it. If you were as successful as your Instagram account claims you are, you'd be getting headhunted by top sales firms, not trying to sell dish clothes and vitamin pills at £50 a go.

  6. Selling a $0.10 product for $50 per pop if you have a follower base of 500k and 0.1% buy it is $25,000.

  7. The thing is we only see incels online when they're saying incel shit. Nobody is going to stop and help someone when that person is in the middle of attacking other groups of people. In those situations, they aren't the victims.

  8. In addition it is hard to find them in life. I bet most incels don’t walk arround insulting women, and if they are young it is their schools or legal guardians responsibility.

  9. I tried to leave the ER in the US without seeing the doctor by walking out the door.

  10. I thought that fungi couldn't grow inside the body because it required air to survive.

  11. I thought fungus thrives in warm environments like my kitchen as opposed to my fridge.

  12. Infrequent and grainy video footage. No automated plate ID systems. No phone GPS location lookup with warrants. Takes longer for people to notice you are missing. Fewer automated systems to check if someone is buying weird things like acid or excessive amounts of detergent or other household chemicals.

  13. Except that schizophrenia is misdiagnosed 25% of time and that people with ASD can have severe emotional PTSD about growing up and their treatment.

  14. That's pretty damning bc the US isn't known for it's efficient and speedy judiciary.

  15. That's because most defendants waive their right to a speedy trial out of self interest.

  16. How is it in their self interest to be in jail for 30 years without a trial?

  17. A former coworker if mine showed themself to be comepletely psychotic on her first day. The entire day everything seemed normal, then right at the end of the day she came into my office laughing hysterically because she had to show me a video. It was a video of a guy committing suicide by jumping off a water tower. She said "He bounced real good" with the most maniacal grin on her face. She didnt last long.

  18. That's not a psychopath any more than the denizens of reddit mentally wanking it to the idea of some baddie getting their karma on the front page.

  19. As if I don't put everything in on the first go incase I win the first hand against the matched stack

  20. As a multi-media artist, I'd love to talk about graphics and storyboard for a documentary series called "What THE Fuck Were You Thinking? - Alligator Edition."

  21. Try a hot chocolate chip cook with a nice wedge if Monterey jack and get back to me

  22. Reminds me of the spiritual people who believe drugs in general increase their connection to the cosmos. Not to be confised with the spiritual people who believe the opposite.

  23. Yes this is commonly cited as the justification, but it is still a tiny amount and not enough to create the experiences NDE'rs are having. Also doesn't explain several of the other mysteries artifacts of NDE's including seeing/hearing things outside their bodies that can be verified by witnesses, conversations three floors down in a hospital, coins on top of cabinets in the operating rooms etc...etc...Look up Bruce Gresyon's research on Veridical NDE's for more information

  24. Confirmation bias and survivorship bias statistically explain very clearly those types of events regarding NDE.

  25. Before i left the mormon church, they heavily impress upon you to pay 10% of your paycheck pre-tax

  26. This was not Mormonism. Just regular old non denominational cultism.

  27. “Donations” is a funny way to spell “payments to sex workers.”

  28. I actually know a lot of people who were brainwashed by Christian churches that start pouring $10k plus per year into church.

  29. Like, what news outlet calls the police "Cops" as well?

  30. Lol, good luck, journalism has no money because no one pays for it anymore

  31. Guys, every make sure to imagine Jesus looking down and smiling at these things.

  32. The Dart mission yesterday wasn’t training. NASA actually saved earth by that asteroid collision.

  33. The 10 year challenge on Facebook in 2019 which encouraged fb users to upload pictures from 2009 and a current one from 2019 was actually a front by programmers to gain data and examples to train facial recognition and age progression software.

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