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  1. Violet’s reaction when Dave was singing with Lionel was priceless!

  2. We know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we all know, yeah, we all know, yeah, we all know, yeah, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know, we know who did it

  3. I love almost every single song in the Genesis catalog…except that one. 🤨

  4. Oh but time went by It wasn't so easy now, all uphill, and not feeling so strong. Yes times were hard, Too much thinking 'bout the future and what people might want.

  5. Takes time unless you’re paying a very competitive salary. It’s a very expensive market right now for experienced professionals.

  6. I’m starting to wonder if he’s acting out a real life scenario from Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”. Make it so bad and lose so much money, write it off on his taxes, and actually somehow make money?

  7. Dataverse is the way to go for your storage and data entry requirements. Think of it as SQL server on steroids. You can do all your table definitions, column definitions in there, and then build a whole UX in either model driven apps or canvas apps for internal users, or Power Pages for external web users.

  8. The short answer is…yes. You can use a combination of JS and the Portal markup Liquid to build totally custom pages. You can take a look at the web templates in the Portal Management model driven App to see some examples. If you install the customer service template there are some good examples in there.

  9. Is it possible you are working out too much? Might be replacing fat with muscle?

  10. Let me clarify my point. I am not suggesting that working out is bad. The OP asked why they were not losing weight, and my question/comment was directed that you may just be replacing that fat with muscle because of all the strength training.

  11. Yes, you can do all this. The Order entity/table will need to have a lookup to Account and/or contact entity. Then use table permissions to restrict orders to that account/contact.

  12. The center of excellence kit is your FRIEND! It has flows built to collect ALL data points related to the power platform.

  13. Later there is a whole bit on Avacados where Skippy calls them ah-vah-ka-dos

  14. Here is an example of the table. First line shows that the Parent (lookup) is CCTV. That parent has something in the 'Parent Product ID' column. Now all products with CCTV as their parent need to have the same info in theitr Parent Product ID field. As mentioned, prefereably written to.

  15. Sounds like you need to do either a 'get row by id' or a 'list rows' action in your Power Automate flow. If you have the GUID for the product, and want the data from a related lookup (parent), then 'get a row' and use that parent as the ID.

  16. That was it. So simple when I got it working. Only 3 processes to get it working including 'get row by id'.

  17. Check your trigger. Make sure you have it set to run on the update of a specific column, and not the whole table. Also, if you are running on the update of a column, and then also updating that same column in the PA have a recursion issue. Might consider some kind of boolean flag to update on instead.

  18. OP is immediately bombarded with ads for sunscreen and Preparation H in their social media feeds.

  19. If the data were already in a file I could do that. The problem is that the equivelant of a file is sitting in the org's DB as an entry in the AnnotationBase table. I don't know how to pull that out and present to the user in a manner such that they see it and save it to a file.

  20. Anything in the annotationBase table is actually called a ‘note’ in the UI. That note should have a regardingObject column which is the GUID of the row it’s related to. If the end user is looking at that row in the UI, the related child ‘notes’ will show the attached file.

  21. I generated the file via plugin using the following mechanism:

  22. Is the file not related to anything? Your best bet would be to have a row to relate it to, even if it’s something custom. Then let the standard UI handle it

  23. This from a man who demands unquestioned loyalty from his cult, but NEVER returns that loyalty. It was bound to catch up with him.

  24. Dynamics CE for sales is your best bet. Integrations with Power Automate to pass data back and forth and your golden

  25. Yes sir! Love them too! A lot of people are mentioning great bands here. Do you like Dream Theater and Tool?

  26. Good luck getting any decent tech workers to work for them… most of them tend to be liberal

  27. I’m assuming that you make temp tables and call the data when you need it then? And then write t-sql queries off that?

  28. Depends… what’s your end goal? Reports? Data warehouse? Just general one off queries?

  29. In these SSRS reports, are you only showing data from a table and either N:1 or 1:N related tables? If so, then think about using FetchXML and the native reporting.

  30. Take a look at customer insights. Lots of AI in there to help with this

  31. Technically not “covers”, but pretty much anything by Weird Al. Once he parodies a song when you hear the original it just sounds strange… or dare I say … Weird?

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