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  1. We are a debt based society, once you show income on an investment your credit rises. The investment can be a bad one but it still shows your bringing in money even if your in the red on it. Then you can use that as leverage for your next loan

  2. The main issue is the bank wanting 20-25% down payment. My area is expensive so it takes years to come up with a down payment.

  3. Identify existing syndication companies and see how they do it. You may find joining an existing syndication is your best bet.

  4. It’s not a guarantee rates will drop, but I think eventually it will.

  5. you do know though that housing moves very slowly on the downtrend...they say there's a 6-12 month delay in pricing post-rate changes. We've had 7% rates for what, 2 months?

  6. I Understand we haven’t seen the full picture this quickly, but rates have been creeping up since June. In that time frame, at least in my area, prices are still rising.

  7. Iv been buy and hold. It’s an ATM, no reason to sell an ATM unless your buying a bigger ATM.

  8. It would be extremely foolish to fight with the local municipality over something like this.

  9. Random Foreign investor and an llc partnership. What could possibility go wrong?

  10. Real estate is very localized. Markets can be completely opposite depending on where you are.

  11. Your parents just don’t understand your vision. It’s hard not to take it personally, but they just don’t see what you see. They say when you have clear vision, you will walk that path alone and 99% of ppl will think your crazy.

  12. Think of it as a life insurance policy. If it go to zero, you probably won’t care that much for more than a week..but if it goes as high as ppl predict how will you feel? Suicidal? Maybe keep it

  13. It makes perfect sense. There’s a massive supply issue that will take years to correct. Sales decreasing does not necessarily mean prices come down.

  14. This is not remotely close to 2008. There is such a massive supply issue with real estate that will keep the prices high for years. Real estate also tends to go up with inflation as well. With that being said nobody has a crystal ball, try and stack cash and cross your fingers.

  15. Agreed. People that say the market will crash can never rally give a reason why.

  16. I would absolutely not do this. You are evicting them for non payment, case closed.

  17. It’s most likely a sale between family. Pretty common for parents to give their kids a discount.

  18. Don’t worry, 80% of Americans that become millionaires are the first in there family. Statistically, your better off

  19. It’s all about cash flow. Im in the NY area and properties are very expensive.

  20. Real estate is very localized so it will differ everywhere.

  21. Story of my life. Love my dad but his life is a textbook on what not to do. He once took my and my fiancée to Clearwater and reminisced about how back in the day there was nothing but woods and beautiful beaches and some old guy was selling the land for pennies. My Fiancée asked why he didn’t buy any and he said nobody thought it would be worth anything. Well, the resorts sure did.

  22. You buy when the numbers make sense and there’s enough cash flow

  23. Is she selling it at a big discount? Probably doesn’t want you to just turn around and flip it for a big profit.

  24. It’s important to get into a business you really enjoy and are passionate about, otherwise you’ll burn out. With that being said I’m in real estate and I think it’s extremely easy. I own a few multi family properties and rent them out. On top of that I converted some of them to airbnb and almost doubled my revenue. Pay a cleaning lady for the dirty work, and just order supplies on Amazon. All the bills are automatic out of my account. If there’s an issue, you call the plumber/handyman and pay them with the profits. Probably put 1 hour a week of work on average. Good luck to you, not every business needs to be 90 hour weeks.

  25. It's multifamily so only four different sites. Most tenants don't want to have anything to do with their landlord so the only time I really see them is when I'm on site addressing an issue. I have a few go to guys that fix some of the more technical issues but tenants are used to seeing me there painting and whatnot.

  26. Very nice good for you. I have multi as well but my area doesn’t have affordable 6-8 family units.

  27. I browse on Loopnet quite often, Zillow as well checking out multi-family across the US and from what I can tell I got pretty lucky that my area had obscenely low prices for multi-family. That has recently changed but apparently I got started in the Golden Era.

  28. It was much harder to get a loan in the 70s than it is today.

  29. It’s just hypocritical that the PGA tour will gladly take Saudi money, but when it goes directly into the players hands without PGA cut, it’s a “big problem”. I personally think PGA embarrassed themselves a bit

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