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  1. And yall get mad at me when I ask you for ID

  2. Not at all….it’s the only AC game I quit before completing due to one too many sniper shots with no notice.

  3. No notice? Just roll when the sniper shot goes bright red?

  4. It's a java 1.19.2 server that's modded but you don't need to download anything, u can just join it and there's custom items and mobs

  5. I live in England, ubereats are shit here, I tip well, and pay for priority (although iv been told the drivers don't even know if your priority) but 90% of the time they arrive massivly late or just vanish!

  6. im a mod on rainbow six siege office facebook page (with over 170k members) i have my own Mc server and would be more than happy to become a new mod here. not sure what the process is but i think a change of mods is sorta needed.

  7. Thank you this is definitely giving me the confidence boost 💕

  8. Just an update I was talking to this really nice girl and now I'm banned once again 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Ofc! Anyone can join the ip is

  10. y’all always doing too much

  11. Do custom mobs made by plugin or mods?

  12. plugins/resource pack that will auto download the second you join (you dont need to do anything but join the server on 1.19 and itl do everything for you :)

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