1. Seems like the Avatar confluence kind of fills this role. Combining things like flesh bone and blood essences gives you the abilities to be a peak version of your own species

  2. I see. So would you suppose that using an Avatar Awakening Stone in that situation might get you an Essence ability in the Avatar Confluence called Avatar of Humanity?

  3. This is linked in the discord FAQ. talks about Avatar. I haven’t read it all and I’m not sure if this is canonized by author

  4. I just read this, and it was glorious. Do you have more of these Google docs, perhaps?

  5. When you get to the second part of the mine, there’s a merchant next to the rest-point

  6. Good job. That Final Fantasy VII one is the most spectacular, though

  7. I want to say that myriad gives abilities to multiply stuff. I think it was Beth cavendish’s team that had an archer with that essence.

  8. That makes a lot of sense, especially as it’s a literal meaning of the essence’ name. I completely forgot about that archer, though

  9. I don’t hate the idea. It would kind of make sense that there is a confluence essence that allows you to bridge gaps in non-synergistic essence combinations.

  10. I see. You may be correct about that. I wish these things came with descriptions

  11. Honestly I think Rambo would be skirmish but good list!

  12. There’s already a Sword Essence and a Dance Essence, so my suggestions would be

  13. I’d say 100% the life of an adventurer would be for me.

  14. You make some good points, and it makes a lot of sense. You and Rufus seem to have the same ideology

  15. Purely for logistical reasons. Bronze is what. 150ish years? But you have to buy 3* essences, 16 awakening stones, and then a mountain of monster cores, per person.

  16. That’s a good point. Jason is gets money from every kill, his best friend is a noble, and he picks up essences like it’s nothing as a matter of course. I’ve never actually thought about this, but it would take a mountain-load of work to become an essence user. Even Sophie and Belinda, who should understand this the most, never talk about how their outlook on essences was like before Jason

  17. It’s a good idea, but I’ve always thought he’d take over from the Reaper or the All-Devouring Eye. In Reaper’s case, it would be finding a replacement so he can experience the peace he gives others

  18. Since no one has answered you yet, I’m going to try. I personally believe any sort of Essence that isn’t based on a purely physical thing that can’t teleport naturally can gain a portal power. What I mean is I don’t expect a portal power from the rat essence, for example. That being said, the author could surprise us. We’ll just have to see.

  19. I read the novel on RoyalRoad as it comes out, and the story went more in depth with this a few weeks ago. I don’t know which medium you’re reading on, so I won’t spoil anything, but it suffices to say the whole thing’s interesting

  20. I’m listening to the audio books. I’ve got about 1 hour left in the 7th book. I’ve got some general ideas about what I think is going to happen, but some are too broad to voice and I want to know, but don’t want to know in the same breath. It does seem like we are finally getting a little peek at after the invasion.

  21. I shall neither confirm nor deny your speculations. You’ll find out for yourself. 😂

  22. I’m just here to await answers. This is an interesting question.

  23. I don’t think she has any, at least not anymore. I’m under the impression that anyone who is implanted with a star seed loses essence abilities and becomes more in tune with their Great Astral Being. Since it seems a person can’t get to keep their consciousness when implanted unless they accepted it at Diamond rank, their old essence powers still play a role in how they fight, though I could be wrong about that. If I recall correctly, Dawn is described as a “control specialist” similar to how Jason is an affliction specialist.

  24. I forgot about the thing with the seeds. That does raise an interesting question. I think you can still have your essences though. I’m trying to recall what happened at the end of book 3 when the right hand guy of the builder was monologuing. There was something about accepting the seed willingly or having it forced upon you. I can’t recall how that effects the persons abilities. I think that might factor in to her power set. There of course is always the chance that whatever rules there are don’t apply once they are diamond rank. Also, I’m not sure how this factors in to the discussion, but the avatars for the astral beings have a shelf life of being their avatar due to breaking down due to that much power through them.

  25. I won’t spoil you. Even those of us further along still haven’t gotten any more information on this, so we are all just speculating with the same information

  26. I’d think they should be the same essence, but it seems there are a lot of essences that have similar uses and imbue abilities similar enough that they’re basically the same unless you know the nuances, which we don’t. For example, both the Might and Potent essences from Humphrey and Farrah, respectively, seem to both give passive strength-increasing abilities, and it seems you can swap Might for Potent in Humphrey’s combination and still get the Dragon confluence. The only difference being rarity and some abilities popping up in one and not the other based on desirability. I don’t think Immortality is found in the Potent essence, for example.

  27. Something can be both lore-accurate, and annoying to deal with from a gameplay perspective.

  28. I’m not saying it’s not annoying, but it’s easier to forgive because it does makes sense lore-wise

  29. There's a lot of fan made essences and essence combinations. Not sure how much of it has been cannonized. So "unkown" might just be that the readers don't know and shirt hasn't commented yet.

  30. That’s fair. I don’t know the discussions on the discord chat. Maybe they have further explanations. I do know wood is rare in GreenStone, but not elsewhere.

  31. I like that idea. I think it makes sense, in the grand scheme of things, and it’s how I think it generally goes.

  32. We have seen Belinda question this (I believe). It was the scene where Humphrey’s sister was helping them to use their familiars.

  33. I don’t remember Belinda questioning it, and that’s on me, but even so, that only makes sense in a vacuum. As you said, there are all those people around her that have good relationships with their familiars. Summons are different. Even Humphrey has little connection to his Spartoi outside of battle. That makes sense because they are only around for a short time and can be summoned and dismissed with few resources.

  34. Humphrey should still have known Stash a few years even at the start of the book. I believe he got his essences early on and didn’t start adventuring until years later. That doesn’t super matter though because your right Belinda should have know her familiars for just under 3 years at the most current point in the story.

  35. That’s an interesting take. I hope Shirtaloon expounds on this later. I am more interested in why you think Belinda isn’t long for the story. Why do you think so?

  36. Just seeing it, from afar or from a video? No. When it’s done on me, and I can touch that butt? Especially when we’re both naked? It excites me greatly

  37. My last listen to the audiobooks coincided with a re-read of some of the Spiderverse comics, and ever since, I've been trying to figure out which combo would turn me into Spider-Man, with some Madame Web-esque precognition.

  38. This is an awesome communication, though I imagine it being a great area control based set if you swap Might for Knife or Sword. It would require a good amount of setup, but imagine killing fields full of razor-sharp, barely detectable webs that actually stop you from actively seeing them due to an Omen essence ability. Might even pick up a few ritual abilities.

  39. Four combinations speak to me, the first four of which are already known to the fan community.

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