It's Christmas 1975. I'm 5 yrs old and so glad my dad survived Vietnam. I know he'll live to be my hero for many years

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Gaxe Thread: #3 Xichigan (11-0) at #2 Ohio State (11-0)

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  1. A QB that will literally give everything he has to help lead his to victory and a back to back pac 12 champion. Dude played his heart out!

  2. Utah fan here. 🤝 Good luck, Buckeyes. Chatting with you all today was a blast. Party hard!

  3. Enjoy the back to back pac-12 champions l! Well deserved after exposing the Trojans last night! Good luck on what is to come and enjoy the remainder of the post season!!

  4. This isn’t an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure.

  5. Nice joke.. did you come up with by yourself….. OP is just frustrated with how the fan base is lashing out over a loss. Yeah it’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s more embarrassing that the fan base is going crazy and trashing talking the coaches and players over a loss. He is just trying to remove himself from this negativity.

  6. I think people can react however they’d like to a loss. If you don’t like how someone reacted, you can just leave or simply move on, you don’t need to announce it to the whole subreddit. I can assure you nobody cares!

  7. I’m not saying you can’t have a reaction. You totally can. But it’s what the fan base is doing, by reaching to players and tweeting them they suck or how shitty Day is. Stuff like that. This fan base has become so accustomed to winning that one loss = everyone just saying we suck or it’s the coaches fault. Stuff like that. Again it’s sucks we lost back to back. It’s never fun loosing to that team. I totally get why people are mad. For me I’m not going to point fingers. If you watched the same game, the o line won the trenches more than TTUN. Our biggest struggle was the big plays. The game changing plays. As far as OP announcing it. He is making a statement saying the fan base is acting extremely childish over a loss and that he doesn’t want be around it. Did he need to announce it no but he wanted to make a statement one why he was leaving. Clearly you cared that he posted it. You are the one saying that he shouldn’t have posted it. I’d you truly didn’t care you wouldn’t have even replied and gave this post any attention. Just let OP rant on why he is leaving and let them do what’s best for them.

  8. I kind of agree with OP. I do believe we have a very talented team offensively. Defensively Knowles has flipped it around completely. We are in a slump right now. I do know if we make the playoffs it’s going to be rough. We have a lot to work on if we do make it to the CFP. At this point I would almost rather just to the rose bowl and watch our possible future QB take the field on a big stage and see how he preforms. But no matter what, I will be supporting the team CFP or not like I always do the remainder of the season.

  9. Call me old school but if we’re not going to the playoffs I’d prefer a shot at the Rose Bowl over any other bowl.

  10. I’m always down for Ohio state in the rose bowl if we can’t get into the CFP.

  11. These are my go to for bass fishing. I have never had a problem with them at all. What issues are you having with them OP?

  12. Haskins, Fields, and Stroud were all heisman candidates. If thats what you consider “soft docile pussy cat” then that’s what almost any program would dream of in a 3 QB stretch

  13. Yeah I have to agree with BigRefrigerator on this on. It’s not very often you get 3 qbs that are are heisman candidates in a stretch like that.

  14. Hands down this is my favorite game Ohio state has played. Zeke making that big run is my all time favorite.

  15. This photo is truly inspirational! Thanks for the share OP

  16. SEAN TAYLOR DESERVES A FREAKING STATUE!!!!! This is so much bullshit. Fuck you Dan Snyder for this!

  17. Most places require the A&P, look into getting in while in the military in know for the Airforce the AFCool program pays for it and it counts as a tdy only use two days of leave getting there and coming back, but gotta pay for own place to stay. Also if you do get out and get it the V.A will reimburse you for the test .

  18. Totally forgot to ask this. The tests, oral boards, and practical. Are they hard or easy? I know this is a tough question to answer because it’s all relative off of my capabilities of applying my self and being able to retain information. But from a general stand point is it something I should stress but instead just apply my knowledge I have gained over the years?

  19. Writtens are pretty easy get The ASA study guides study for a few days go test, orals for me was the hardest for me but took the general, Airframe, and powerplant at the same time but I studied for a week thought I didn't remember anything went in and missed only 2 questions so did way better then I thought. Practical are pretty easy know how to rivet, reading logbooks, reading maintenance manuals, Timing magnetos. Practicals are an open book test, some DME's even let you watch YouTube(mine didn't) so really dont stress it to much.

  20. For me my biggest struggle are tests. No matter how much I study I stress a lot then the day of the test I data dump. Pretty much an avalanche from there on.

  21. Now that this is over. Does Ohio state make it to the rose bowl or are those chances over as well?

  22. I could see them picking the runner up of the big 10 championship

  23. Whiteberries for the win! Been doing that since I could plant them and I have about 8k of them.

  24. Offensively can you score against bamas D? I have not watched a single Tenn game this year. Only highlights.

  25. We should be able to. We’re one of the top offenses in the country so far.

  26. I’m pulling for the vols in this one. I like new teams that are potentially on the uprise.

  27. The other commenters have suggested two methods that I would use in tandem, or a version of it. Some questions though:

  28. I have the stuff for hand sewing, and I’m willing to put in the time and effort for it. I use it several times a year for family camping trips. I want to continue to get the use out of it. I have kept the tent in excellent condition from day about 5 years ago. So the typical family camping trips are the use I want to get out of it.


  30. Switched today was watching Michigan vs Maryland and it started that freezing shit .. fubo been flawless

  31. I love fubo! Little food for thought. If you have appleTv, you can do multi view up to 4 different channels on the same screen. It’s pretty awesome this time of year when games stating getting good! 10/10 recommend!

  32. I just empty the cup liner in the woods and reuse over and over. Had the same one for a year until a raccoon got it!

  33. Damn raccoons always fucking with things they shouldn’t.

  34. I'd think about a 351 Windsor swap too. Same family of motors, but slightly taller deck height and the oil pan/sump is reversed.

  35. A lot of people have been saying that I will need stiffeners for the frame if I go with a v8.

  36. I'd personally think about an ls swap. Prices will be around the same for more power.

  37. I know about ls motors but It would be a struggle with me trying to swap to it.

  38. People are willing to pay good money for a very clean foxbody… they are getting hard to find. I bet you could sell that and buy one already done if it’s that clean

  39. There is a lot of memories with it. I couldn’t sell it. I know I can get really good money for it. I would rather spend the hard work and time to swap it

  40. No different than a 302 to coyote swap. Which has been done a million times. You'll need to replace the rear end as well

  41. Will swapping to the 8.8 rear end work? I’m stuck on what to do for the transmission and then the rear end.

  42. I’m literally crying this comment was funny as hell at least to me 🤣

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