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  1. Just rip the screen off and use it with a regular monitor

  2. That’s crysis on max settings right there

  3. I’m surprised no one tried this in real life yet and posted on YouTube

  4. That guy that kept on screaming it’s on fire is the real hero

  5. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes

  6. Not only the fanbase, they are actually going by the games story. Not some idiot director making his own version. Surprise surprise….

  7. Yep. I stopped pre ordering games two years ago. Really happy I did that

  8. You are changing a lot of parts around. And you said you even did a fresh install. Never seen an issue like this. You basically changed mobos, cpu, GPU, PSU & ram….. and a fresh install every time? Sounds to me like you are installing the hardware wrong somehow

  9. what type of laptop is it? Weird for your laptap to automatically do that, what was the reason why you were running troubleshooter?

  10. Yep, you can play games. Just no more pirated software or funny websites for you.

  11. Unplug and plug it back in>> try a different usb port>> try a new mouse

  12. If he is standing in the middle of the road, maybe he is trying to commit suicide, not block traffic. Maybe they got it wrong

  13. Yea, looks like maybe settings in the bios was changed to improper settings. Maybe you were trying to over clock? gotta clear cmos. That should be 1st priority. You should be able to boot to bios at least

  14. I honestly never trust cloning to different model machines, only to the same ones. I always back up my files and do a fresh install onto the new machine and image after for a back up.

  15. Yea, I had a bad time with their support too that I don’t bother buying anything from them. I only buy stuff from companies with good customer service. Don’t give a crap how good a mouse is, bad customer service is a no go

  16. Cross out Mexico and put coca-cola there

  17. Not an over clocking expert but I do dable in it. Download a software like quick cpu or anyone that you can see all your processor speeds. Sometimes when the manufacturer advertises 4.4 (or whatever it may be) it’s only talking about the first core or so. Not all cores. So with the software you can see that. If not, can simply be a overheating issue so it can’t achieve it. Have to trouble shoot ways to better cool your system if so

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