1. Awww why thank you so much!!! May I ask, who are your favorite picks out of this list? :O

  2. Honestly? I’ve rapidly become a huge fan of Samson Kayo. I love the idea of him as Roy

  3. I love this. Can’t decide if I like this more or Bruce Campbell

  4. That man. Is so hot. I just want him to hold me after he beats the life out of Scott Lang

  5. Not really. Kang and lex are not the same. Lex has a demeanor that majors would nail.

  6. Thank you I personally feel his cold demeanor would sell it really well. Edit: his cold Kang demeanor

  7. I like them all except for justce smith I’ve always thought him very wooden and I can’t see him as jimmy at all

  8. Justice Smith has more range than most people in Hollywood. Especially in Generation and The Get Down namely.

  9. I thought I’d go for a younger Lex, like in Smallville

  10. The same reason they love Amy Schumer. And Reality TV. Most people have no taste.

  11. Personally I’d love to see Djimon Hounsou as Ganondorf.

  12. By far the KFC exclusive one cant even remember its name it was such a miss

  13. Remember how dormammu was the big bad of doc strange? Same way probably. Surfer As a heralding antag, and the four coming face to face with the coming looming threat at the end

  14. Studio series, there’s brief shots of him in the trailer and he looks pretty close to this

  15. Thank you. Don’t mind it. It’s a nice update and he keeps the feline facial structure.

  16. Is that referring to the multiple versions of Scott that was in the trailer or is this implying Eric O’Grady?

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