1. Kim was rude and inconsiderate, and then she blasted you when you exposed her behavior.

  2. I think you need to come clean with everyone, especially with your partner.

  3. She is not ok if you share bed with a female, but you should be fine if she does the same.

  4. I’m a software engineer who moved cities and then moved out of the country.

  5. If I’m looking around, sure, I love a well-built guy.

  6. Your husband is TA for not respecting your boundaries and your sisters are TAs for forcing you in a role they are not willing to take on themselves. Your mom is the TA for invading your space when she knows you disapprove.

  7. You were supposed to discuss this with your husband before getting married.

  8. He is cheating. Don’t let him convince you otherwise.

  9. You need to put your foot down. He will either explain what's going on or you are out. If he refuses to explain, that's an admission of guilt.

  10. She's probably pregnant. It's probably his. Since you guys don't have kids, and I would say divorce would be the easiest option. Something shady is going on.

  11. Grant his wish: leave him so he can be single.

  12. We hold hands when sitting on the sofa. There are frequent kisses when we pass by each other. We snuggle in bed while talking about our day.

  13. Why are you trying to fix anything? She is the one who cheated.

  14. Opening up the marriage is just asking for permission to cheat. Is that your way to even out the score?

  15. Miscarriage was not your fault. It happens to everyone. You shouldn't feel bad about it, and don't say you are the worst wife in the world.

  16. You are crazy, crazy for trusting your husband.

  17. Why did he lie the first time when he cheated?

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