1. For the Saphire demo is galitite the stone for mega gallade?

  2. The fact some of us spent years on this game and don’t want to feel we wasted those

  3. You're misattributing the value of super combos to the additional 5000 combo power, when the greater part of their strength comes from drawing two extra cards deeper or some other additional effect.

  4. Not really, there’s a reason when you can get an additional 10k off a card for free most people will call it an extra supercombo. Yeah it doesn’t do the exact same thing by not replacing it self but losing 1 card in hand compared to 2 is a big deal still.

  5. If you play this card using invoker ypu can play it for 1

  6. Tried finding what I am getting issues with. So I will be playing in handheld and around 15-20% my switch will just turn off on its own because of the battery, it gives me the dead battery symbol. The thing is I can immediately turn it on right after and it will keep going.

  7. This has gotta be the loneliest guy in the world

  8. Why do idiots like you shun people for asking Reddit questions? Maybe they want the answers along with the social interaction of a community based around Pokémon cards. Fucking jackass

  9. Who do idiots likes you support this subreddit being turned into google. Maybe they’re just too lazy to do any actual research and now some idiot will do the work for them. Fucking jackass

  10. Get help. Stop making excuses for an 11 year old girl card being 3x all the other full art trainers in that set, and stop projecting your stuff on others. I’m done with this convo, hope you see why this is an issue.

  11. Too many fusion materials likely to brick so cut some, just run Gogeta Uni, Run Gokule, Run cell xeno cheaper scr. Run fusion confusion at playset.

  12. hey thanks I hadn't compared them before and would have to agree with you

  13. I’ve played all of them and mcoc is definitely the most pay to win.


  15. You just gotta go full aggro in the beginning, your deck looks like it should be able to manage. And no it says choose

  16. Just leave myself without defense? Tap it all out?

  17. Against beerus yes, against ss4 vegeta no, you want to negate unawakened side to prevent ramp early game

  18. You did fine! I believe that Triple combination is the

  19. Ngl I kinda thought this card would be a “Cooler : Xeno” card but I guess regular cooler probably makes it a lot better

  20. Yeah but it’s not cooler either. He doesn’t have a gold form. I just thought any non canon stuff that wasn’t GT usually got labeled xeno including dragonball heros stuff which is what gold cooler is from.

  21. How is it not cooler? It’s literally cooler lmao, it’s not movie cooler but it’s still cooler

  22. Kai slams beerus if they choose to ramp turn 2. Finish them off before they get setup or after that you’re fighting an uphill battle

  23. I get where you coming from but Green Goblin is reliant on tech. When we say Green Goblin we can’t really picture him on foot and without his Pumpkin Bombs.

  24. Trying to evolve finizen code is D55NFM. Thank you

  25. Co-Op: • Catching Future Paradox Mons for dex completion & Evolving Finizen(s) • IGN: VeteranJaime • Link Code: 1FV1J9

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