1. I like 3 cheese, and 4 cheese is even better. But can we get more? 5 or 6 cheese pizza.

  2. Forget the names, but the gold armored Orc Lieutenant and her are partners.

  3. Correct. I forgot this was one of her pics. I use it for my character, so It might have changed hers in-game for me.

  4. Think it keeps it the same. Most of the character portraits are also used by npcs. It’s a bit of a time saver that.

  5. Makeup used to make me feel so pretty. Now, I feel like a failure whenever I put it on...

  6. This was my mindset about 5 years ago. Today I recently celebrated 4 years of dating my first love and this summer will mark one year of happy marriage. It's hard, there are definitely special obstacles that cishets don't face, but happy and healthy relationships are possible.

  7. Congratulations on a happy marriage! I only dated once, it was short but sweet. But I hadn't come to terms with my gender at the time, so it wasn't an "issue".

  8. When you Say you're undatable, Is that a challenge?

  9. Why is this super wiredly attractive?!?!

  10. This art style is so incredibly retro, what a vibe Dragon Daddy.

  11. There's definitely ripe potential for vore jokes here, but my vore joke reserve seems to have been depleted.

  12. Same boat here, too much could go wrong. Tho there’s always the chance everything works out

  13. Me when I start getting up my courage to ask out a crush, and the day I'm about to I meet his girlfriend

  14. I used a DSLR in selfie mode. I find the results extremely unflattering, but they're pretty accurate...

  15. I think you're on the right track with the 3rd pic. The cheek blush adds some definition to your face, but the first pics have very flat lighting too... Idk if you have highlighter on your nose or if it's just the reflection, but it helps. Also, I think using some paler eyeshadow, or more sharply defined liner, could bring your eyes out better, because they're looking a bit dark rn.

  16. It loks fantastic! When I used blue under my eyes, I looked so tired, but you pulled it off. The liner shapes are very nicely done too.

  17. Mom: "Just because life as a boy doesn't fit for you doesn't mean life as a girl would be better for you.

  18. I have no gender but also I know what I want to look like.

  19. Yeah it is… rough. I tried to brooch it when I was legal but only just with my mom(I’m still on her insurance) and she said okay and then the next day came barging in crying saying she had to change my insurance so that I couldn’t do this to myself (she didn’t end up changing it but she tried.) it took me several years fighting with her before I got her to let me go do it without her fucking with the insurance and pretty much “I will cut off any financial support you’re getting from me now if you don’t let me do this.” At the time she couldn’t afford that so she had to bend. Fucking parents.

  20. You're in the rare situation of having leverage over your mom, props to not being too big to use it. Power to you.

  21. Yes, this was a nice attempt but it does have some issues, one of which is the limitation to only 4 options.

  22. Was it intentional though? I thought it was some poor programming.

  23. Yeah it probably is. I still don't like the dichotomy between Mr. and Miss tho

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