1. This is Joshua’s last shot to get right the event because so farm I’ve been kinda lukewarm and it feels like the hold potential is held back

  2. Black Adam: The Justice Society Files - Dr. Fate #1

  3. The Hawkman and Atom Smasher ones were entertaining and gave me a slight idea of where will they go in the movie, hopefully this last one delivers too

  4. I’m here for a Kirby movie, a Metroid/Samus sci-fi one and a final Smash Bros one or crossover some franchises but at the pace that they produce games and how long it took them the Mario movie I wouldn’t be expecting Nintendo movies besides Mario until late 2025

  5. They're screening the movie tomorrow, so we'll finally find out the Superman answer

  6. I’m going to the fan event tomorrow and they said that it was going to be only a portion I guess maybe the first 15-20min but enough to generate hype

  7. So cool out of 10 how good do yall think the movie will be let me hear your thoughts.

  8. I seriously doubt that this is currently tracking to pull $35M - $39M for OW and end with $74M DOM.

  9. Not the best take but oh well there goes his dreams of being an A-List romcom star, I guess not everyone can be JLo!!!

  10. Because in this day and age, a title getting to a #25 issue is a milestone and something to celebrate, then to it #50 a big accomplishment and very few and rare have hit #100 consistently

  11. It’s make you wonder why The Rock and WB chose the director when they probably could have got someone better or with a better track record, oh yeah of course The Rock chose him so he could co direct the movie and explain exactly how he wants his Black Adam movie! They could have said let’s throw a a curve ball here and appoint a Director like Sam Rami, Spielberg or the Ridley Scott any huge cB fan who likes working with a big budget, let’s see a Quinton Tarantino CBM, now that I’d pay to see !!

  12. This, he chose a puppet director and somehow it’s kinda off why we have not seen the director on the press tour or something like that it’s been mainly the Rock, the cast or even the producer but where’s the director?

  13. Maybe because they were still early in production and because long hair is one of the most difficult textures to replicate in digital, maybe they chose this one and then the final design will be improved or different once they had more time to work on it; they improved the appearance of Harley

  14. Not crazy about them but neither I think they look bad.

  15. We liked the Skarsgaard movie. Underrated. Critics tried to sink it as a crusade against Burroughs.

  16. Yeah that one was good they should have followed with a sequel

  17. To those who have seen this, How does this fare vs The Black Phone and Barbarian?

  18. Another throwaway Disney Chanel/XD movie for a Sunday night.

  19. This felt right in the middle of an amateur pornhub film + SNL sketch with a mix of pro-family republican ad.

  20. I thought that they said that the budget was $130M?

  21. if it tops 195mill it might enter break even territory

  22. There’s also the merchandise + PVOD + dvd’s

  23. Not surprised. Romantic comedies, outside of animation, haven't been a theatrical draw in years.

  24. If Marry Me did $50M WW with JLo, Maluma and a soundtrack (and same day release) then this will cap it at $30M - $40M.

  25. I thought that it was when it got revealed that the Joker had a family and a kid

  26. My first interaction with the DC universe was via the JL animated show back in the early 00s and then the first comic that I got was JL N52 era #1… and here we are 😍

  27. From the looks of this it feels/seems like Hawkman will be the second main character then Fate and I guess that Atom will have limited action scenes or a big plot and I’m ok with that.

  28. Since Batman is on the Flash and Aquaman one and then WW is on Shazam 2 and Flash, then Flash character in jeopardy and Aquaman feeling out of context here then I think that the only reasonable option is Superman… the second option although no JL related is Peacemaker but keep in mind that Amanda Waller is here and Harcourt too…

  29. 60 days at least so late December and right on time for Xmas day/week

  30. $80M WW + Streaming hit yeah, it will be profitable

  31. I don't think Black Adam will make on this list. DC is not really powerful in France beside Batman

  32. Since Shazam did $8.9M and Sonic 2 $6M you think that Black Adam has less chances to get in the Top 10?

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