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  1. i understand people think maps like origins and de are overrated, but do we have to make it a personality trait

  2. Please explain why Origins would be good and DE is overrated. They are the same in so many ways, DE just made sure to remove the few flaws origins had

  3. Origins rewards you for everything that you do and the map is challenging, the gameplay like the mud, 2 hit down system, and templar zombies attacking the generators keeps you on your toes and it balances out the op staffs. In DE outside of the panzers, the map never throws you any curveballs or tries to keep the player engaged post setup. The map is braindead easy even without gobblegum usage I literally challenged myself where I didn’t move at all and stayed completely still in the QR room with the door closed and just kept firing the lighting bow in front of me and passed rounds with ease. Even if you don’t camp the wolf bow and void bow are good for training and the death ray area is a big open spot, then when the panzer comes just turn on the death ray and shoot him with a krm. Nearly every game of DE ends with me quitting out of boredom

  4. I once died to a robot stomp on my way to the final step of the Easter egg. I got pushed into it by a zombie behind me. Definitely my worst origins moment.

  5. Ouch, I have a similar story where I did the revelations ee and was at the end cutscene and the power in my house went out after doing it for about 3 hours. When the power came back on I turned on my ps4 and the gateworm wasn’t there but I got the trophy

  6. I haven't been here too long so I can't say I've seen too much of this but honestly I think one of the reasons might be because content for zombies is pretty dry. There isn't much to talk about that hasn't previously been discussed and there isn't any new content to talk about. I do like the rare discussions that pop up every now and then. That keeps me going personally lol.

  7. He’s right, zombies lacks originality. It’s too old now and everything has been done on it. Whether YouTube or community posts

  8. I find that out of Origins, Mob, Shadows, and DE, most people love 3 of them but think one of them is overrated.

  9. Right, I don’t even think you have to deal with the cracked out super sprinters in BO1 version😂

  10. Yeah but more than 24 zombies per round, no flamethrower and the winters howl sucks. Not only that but jug in WaW verruckt was glitchy where you could take a bunch of hits and still not go down in Bo1 it’s normal functional jug

  11. Remember that there are people who unironically think BO3 origins is better than the original

  12. I remember telling everybody that the world was going to end in 2012

  13. I could write a fucking essay, no. An entire fucking book on why moon is overrated and is an overall shit map carried by it's really good Easter egg ending.

  14. This is how I feel about der eisendrache, not that it’s bad but it’s just an average middle of the road map carried by a good Easter egg

  15. Black Ops 1 had one of the best endings to the DLC season cycle which I think arguably still holds up to today. You could say Moon was a “banger”. Ba Dum Tss

  16. I agree, imo is still has the best ending storywise atleast Der Riese didn’t even have an ending because the story was barely even a thing and I vividly remember back in 2013 everyone hated the origins ending because everyone at the time thought it was all just a childrens game and revelations and tags’ endings were divisive to say the least. Moon was the best to do it and left everyone shocked

  17. Saying Kino is overrated is an ice cold take on this sub, i agree with der eisendrache being overrated. In fact what’s funny is every criticism towards Kino can apply well to DE. Both are very easy and can get boring quick and both didn’t really innovate

  18. Yeah but that's just the layout, this post points out other and more similarities. Guess I was expecting more xD

  19. Not him but both maps have a thing that can disrupt the gameplay and flow and forces you to stop what you’re doing excavators/Templar zombies, both rely on RNG a lot ice staff and wind staff parts/jug and speed, both have built in features that can work against the player anti gravity/mud

  20. At least there are gobble gums to hep counter it, like how often in bo1 moon can u get a 90 second firesale

  21. Even with immolations there were times where I still didn’t get anything or I’ll get gershes but never get the wavegun and vice versa it’s clear that the ee wasn’t really meant for Bo3s gun selection

  22. I think it really depends in what kind of situation you're in and what your intent is with it.

  23. MP menu theme, "killing" Castro, (old system of) Cod point unlocks. face paint, reticule customisation, Blackbird, evenings on Kino after school, dogs, Cold war setting and so much more. My favourite COD of all time. So many good memories of it.

  24. whats even the point of having polls asking which had the best ____. BO3 will win no matter what with this sub

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