1. It's always funny when people think setting health guidelines is someone trying to telling them how to live. Bet this guy heats his house with his gas stove.

  2. Doubt it's illegal to discuss methods for procuring controlled substances for the purposes of education and knowledge, while going no further than information freely available if you're willing to travel through mainstream media articles.

  3. It’s not that people think that everything Russian is bad, it’s that the only way to stop Putin is to get his people, especially those with power, to hate him. Which is achieved by massive consequences for the entire country due to the war he started.

  4. Yes and by not buying Curaleaf based on some old article 6 degrees of kevin bacon shit, you're totally gonna stick it to him. Guys we're totally like...the Resistance in The Rise of Skywalker!! I can't wait for my Zelensky Funko Pop!!

  5. Do you not understand that people can do multiple things and that this isn’t the only action citizens have taken against Russia?

  6. Maybe when they get people who actually know what they're doing working in these places. Instead they seem to have a checklist at every dispo for hiring. At least 3 cat girls, crabby old lady, tattoo bro with plugs, and MAYBE a token minority. Altogether their collective knowledge of weed must equal that of your average custy.

  7. Sorry your correct observations were downvoted, must be the cat girl contingent.

  8. BPD, brunette hair parted down the middle, Daria glasses, and permanent scowl....all day everyday

  9. New to this kinda stuff. Is it considered dabs? Like you can use this in enails, right?

  10. solves? All you have to do is rub that box a couple times and it opens. Even regarded Cobes could do it

  11. Nah, he eats the fast food and throws away the salads wheel torque. They are both fat slobs always making excuses and bad decisions with no intention to change or better themselves.

  12. If anyone here can work with Photoshop, could you make us a Pinhead Chantal? Thank you lol.

  13. Making me happier and happier can’t wait to get all these boys dry I’m so happy with the results of the first flush once I pull my aborts I’m fucking hyped for number 2

  14. Gives em superpowers....but watch out for when they start hitting the flower with 5G...stay noided

  15. Right...I home grow but got a license last year to check it out and get some concentrates. I'm certainly not renewing, complete rip off to me.

  16. "B B but we have cool ironic strain names and dispos staffed by former baristas who don't know shit bro. It's cool"

  17. Oh and have fun with all the bud Rot and mold that all these white hipsters are letting slide thru

  18. I'll probably get down voted as usual in this sub for pointing this out, but I think it's important to repeat for new patients and those who may be unaware...

  19. Gotta love that pay to play on the weekends....lots of stubbed toes and anxious people showing up with lots of shekels...Welcome to Ohio

  20. Let's see.. I think of Galenas is as boutique, top of the line flower (ymmv). The product you bought was like 80 bucks for 14g (at least that is what I saw). The thc content was like 14 on a plant that is usually clocks in around 30ish based on their numbers.. so what'd ya expect? Things too good to true (even marginally so) usually are, eo caveat emptor, right?

  21. Nobody is getting fucked over. If you guys are buying shake, without knowing what shake actually contains, that's your fault for not being educated on what you're buying. You don't buy shake and expect just bud, that's not what shake is my boy. Also just because people are correcting your ignorant ass, doesn't mean they are a shill or work for any of the cultivators. Don't be an idiot.

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