Don't even need to trust me bro on BBBY the DD over the past 5 months in one spot

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  1. Not really clear here. What the percentage short yesterday?

  2. Depends on the time frame you look at perhaps πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Measure of short volume. Different percentages of short volume there, whatever that is exactly. Clearly elevated yoy rolling. On monthly it seems Jan was higher than Aug.

  3. Someone was saying one of the heads at Riley got an award for turnarounds recently. Saw it in a dm.

  4. Smooth brain here. I’m thinking about selling my doge on Robinhood and buying more Bobbies on fidelity. Is there a easy way to do this or do I just sell on hood. Transfer to bank then transfer to fidelity?

  5. If you have a robin card you can send to PayPal through xoom to your debit card

  6. Watcha gonna do to locate shares when bobbies buy even more ? (Heard that in Hulk Hogan's voice )

  7. Just trying to give you credit and clear this up for the show.

  8. Thanks. It's all good. Bobby mind works. Ftw.

  9. Don't see too much at first glance. I'd check dates related to those monuments maybe? Seigrfried and Roy, Roy died May 8. There's been some slight Roy Rodgers related tin imo. Arms length stuff though. They were on two record labels it looked like Xyz and G.I.B. records. Could be avenues to look into if someone was interested. There's an interesting music related angle maybe I'll post on behalf of the true king of tin at some point.


  11. Didn't you have tinfoil about the Journey Song "Only the young" ?

  12. Yes. Released on Elvis's birthday Aug 8, the Taylor Swift version was released Jan 31. Journey was sued by warrior. Interesting we have the lawsuits with this as well.

  13. Was wondering when you'd get here. Thanks for the insight on the PPShow

  14. Means we are all about to become the first astronauts to launch from their moms' basement

  15. Great watching you guys the last couple shows...Everyone flaming the great content... Good luck, we are close....

  16. 2 years tomorrow since the TED Tweet on 3/25


  18. Surely you can't be talking about lil ole me. 😳

  19. Just grabbed 5,120 shares 🌝🌠🌌

  20. Damn. I totally overlooked this. Very well done !

  21. I am not good at making posts but glad you liked the content. After seeing you on PPSHow it gave me motivation to post.

  22. imo most social media posts have been more cryptic. i think this a very decent case here and well described. Well done.

  23. Did he ever say something before something? It’s seems like a bunch of gifs and nonsens quotes.

  24. Fyi this is a tinfoil sub when it's not straight dd or speculation. Please be respectful of others theories. See sub rules.

  25. Nobody really knows and it’s not the RC but the CO RY that stands out to me.

  26. Yep. This account based on what I've seen has been predictive compared to after the fact for infinite. And this accounts nfts are off the chain and 1 of 1. I've already mentioned the instances before, not going to make a single post highlighting them all. People can do their own analysis. Good to be skeptical and I could still be wrong but...

  27. 2:30pm> 2+3=5, 3 FDIC + 2 SVD = 5, 2 customers + 3 security = 5. Don’t know what the 49 is. Maybe 4-9= -5. (5,-5,5,5)

  28. Thanks. Don’t know what it means though.The numbers Basil, what do they median?

  29. Haha Not sure it's anything more cryptic than Whoops take in the comments. It's really where it's at.

  30. I don't have any good thoughts regarding RS. Hoping for miracle. All longs with higher average will be screwed after split.

  31. I could understand that concern. And 'Id agree for sure agree if I thought Hudson Bay was a big piece of this deal. Dont really think they're anything at all honestly besides a proxy. But I think I get where you're coming from. My dm s are always open for you OG if you need to vent. I won't judge you.

  32. Thanks for the extra info! I'm big into crypto but it can be overwhelming and confusing to a lot of people. I'm glad you mentioned the side chain thing πŸ˜… it's an important distinction

  33. Polygon and Taiko/Loopring are comparable, yet I think have different business focus, and different values/vision when pursuing a certain future. The former seems to be full speed ahead expanding at rate that suggests less concern about the promises of the tech and moreso gobbling up money and partnerships as fast as they can. Just seems they're going a different path from the vision of GameStop and RC and (I hope!) Bbby

  34. Loopring is underrated. Speaks a lot that Vitalik has mentioned the Loopring team specifically. Also that Loopring was one of the first L2's, not a sidechain like Polygon or simple copy cat. Loopring governance will also take it to the next level. Anyone interested in Taiko, I'd have some Loop on Layer 1 (I'm guessing it won't pull balances from Loop) and do some voting as they come up (voting here doesn't cost gas).

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