1. Rso. Get a syringe, get a hot beverage, add a dot. Enjoy.

  2. I saw some RSO gummies made by MUV at one of my local dispensaries, ever try anything like that?

  3. Money in the bank 2015 in Columbus. Was super bummed Sheamus won it that year. Did have Cena vs Owens and Rollins vs Ambrose in a ladder match for the wwe title tho.

  4. I believe it was this. Rodney Jefftrain. Tremendous.

  5. That’s awful. I’m sorry you had that experience. Should just be able to get our stuff without all that non sense.

  6. I apologize I could have clarified that I didn't mean you specifically. I'm speaking in general about what I've witnessed. You're right, who shows up in a bad mood to buy weed, that's just silly. But you'd be surprised at the way people that look like fully grown adults act when they don't get their way or some expectation they had wasn't met.

  7. Lmao why are you going so hard defending BL? Literally all your comments are coming to his defense, nothing about the tragic loss of gabby. There is a time and place to play devils advocate before it just starts to look...bad. People are brought in and questioned for far less everyday. You’re alternative theory’s are not as quirky as you think they are

  8. That’s a great idea. Then Dusty, Dustin and Cody could all have held it at one point. Dustin has more NWA legacy attached to his name than Nick Aldis so it fits the motif of the company.

  9. Then imagine the eventual Cody Vs Dustin rematch this time for the NWA title. Although I can understand if they don’t want to repeat the match after how perfect the last one was.

  10. This would be amazing for the NWA. Obviously FTR isn’t going to dethrone the Bucks anytime soon so why not allow it?

  11. If it was me, survivor series. Both champions will be destroying each other with one barley winning.

  12. I really hope we don’t get more champion vs champion crap at this years survivor series. It’s so old already. If they are going to do that I wish they’d make a separate ppv like when they did Bragging Rights.

  13. Would love to see Big E cash-in, to challenge Lashley in a singles match at the Rumble or WrestleMania.

  14. Completely agree. Lashley needs to beat Goldberg. If Big E is going to cash in on Lashley/ WWE Champion, then you don’t have the same problems you have with Roman and it can wait a little bit.

  15. I wasnt aware they were renovating. That's exciting. Hopefully they are putting in plush seats.

  16. Renovations were done a few years back. Found this on my phone scrolling and had forgot about it. They do have the plush, reclining seats.

  17. Has it really been that long since I've been to a movie theater? Seem to recall seeing Endgame there and it still had the nicer style stadium seats...

  18. May have been the IMAX. That’s the only theater still left with old seating due to contract disputes of some kind.

  19. Well, I do hear we are going back to the “Curtis Axel days” of NXT

  20. Has anyone else soured on Naquin? I know he’s in a slump but there’s just something about him I don’t like. I think it has to do with him not hustling on plays or something but idk just feel like he doesn’t fit right now.

  21. I feel the same way. I’m hoping Senzel can return and catch fire and be the everyday center fielder.

  22. Can someone explain to me why Pete Rose has such a (relatively) low number of RBIs compared to hits? I know hits don’t necessarily correlate to RBIs but damn, I would think the all-time hits leader would at least be first on his team in RBIs (or at least closer to it).

  23. Thought the same thing. Not even top 100 all time in RBI (tied with Greg Nettles at 103rd all time with 1314 total) I guess I would attribute it to the fact that he was the one getting on and scoring and BEING hit in, rather than the one hitting the runners in. He DOES rank 6th all time in total runs scored which tells me that.

  24. What a promo. That first season of NXT had some hidden gems. The problems to me started to come in when they continued the same format of the show after the Nexus angle.

  25. Maybe Kamille? I think the safe bet is on Ruby Soho or Jade Cargill winning it.

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