1. I’m not telling you to change your set up but I’m going to put this info out there: The ATC is recommending against bear hanging in favor of bear resistant containers like bear cans and ursacks. Ursacks and bear cans are expensive so this is more pointed towards anyone reading this who hasn’t purchased a food system yet

  2. Yeah, we purchased our hang system and took it on a 70 mile shakedown hike and loved it. Then the ATC came out with their recommendations right after. I’m still trying to decide what adjustments should be made if any.

  3. Nice gear, can tell you’ve done a lot of research. Here’s the things I would personally not take with me and why:

  4. The fanny pack is like 2L and doubles as my waterproof bag for my camera when needed so it wont work as a bear bag.

  5. Agree with other comment: umbrella, chair, towel, heavy cables are first to go. You’ll ship the mele out quickly enough. I’d also ditch the gaiters and Fanny pack, never found those useful.

  6. You're right I did forget to add those, also my fanny pack doubles as a waterproof bag for my camera and I am terrible about getting stuff in my shoes so for me the gaiters are a can't live without. Maybe I just need to learn to walk lol. Also what recommendations do you have on cables, I have 4 things that need a different charger and i'm already using 1 adapter.

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