1. You gotta have some talent to get splatted like that

  2. Amazing job can’t wait to have good before and after shots of my guys! Only had them 4/5 months you did such a good job 👏

  3. Thank you! Its cool to see how much they’ve changed! I’ve got 2 more. My tricolor has gone from not a lot of black and equal red/white to almost fully black to again not a lot of black/white and more red

  4. I’m literally adding a canister filter sponge filter and submerging filter and a 3” hob to grow a peace Lilly out of don’t have room for a bigger tank until house renovations are done in spring then they get a big home! I just want them to be ok till then want them to get much bigger lol like your guys

  5. That’s okay dw I just liked ur fish! I’m sure you take great care of them!

  6. Thank you so much! I still wanna add some more plants at the back but I’m really happy with it so far

  7. OH MY!!! We call this “Big Bad Birdy-ing” in my house when my yellow-naped does it. I find it sooo endearing and cute, but I’d never tell him that because I know he’s trying to be scary and doing his best and I want to be supportive of his work. 😊

  8. Its honestly really funny when my conure does it. He tries to look so scary but he’s just a little fluff ball

  9. I have a conure, too, and she never does this, but she does scream and complain, so pretty much the same thing.

  10. I think it's ok. From the research I've done, that's the biggest size cage you can get for this kind of birds. There are bigger cages, but they are for larger birds: the bar spacing will be wider, and the bars are thicker.

  11. There are bigger cages you can get with good bar spacing but they may be a bit hard to find. I have a huge one with good bar spacing

  12. Which word, and no I don't. Try a reinstall of the game if its a digital download, sounds suspiciously like corruption to me

  13. This is a known bug, I think it has something to do with the translations since I haven't seen it happen in English. No idea how to fix

  14. Ah good to know it’s not just my game. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in an update or something

  15. 30g first fish + 10g any added fish is the rule I use. Make sure you have a strong filter tho

  16. don’t worry too bad about your plants being fucked up, it’s honestly a really up-played stereotype about goldfish. i’ve had mine in a decently planted tank for a good few weeks now and only had 2 uprooted plants! and that was only cus they were little baby ones with barely any roots. honestly, there’s a good chance your plants will be totally fine!

  17. True! It really depends on the goldfish. Some are violent with plants and others leave them alone. Mine do eat the plants but not to the point it’ll be fucked up

  18. Yup. But only for opening 4 (Johto League Champions) and onward.

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