1. If she put it in her own hair this would be cute but if someone clumped up her hair and stuck that in there for a stupid picture it's just dumb and mean. Poor kid. And putting sort of a "tomboy" persona onto her... just let these kids be. If she hates bows don't put them on her in the first place. It probably hurt when she pulled it out.

  2. I hate when people do this. She doesn’t have much hair, so don’t try to turn it into a great big ponytail. This hairstyle just magnifies the fact that she has thin hair. It hasn’t grown in yet! Let her be!

  3. True and it probably annoyed the child and it was uncomfortable so she did the logical thing and pulled it out. Has nothing to do with the gender narrative her dimwit mother is trying to push.

  4. Are used to have stringy, thin hair when I was a baby too. My mother put those silly bows in my hair and I remember it hurting. Poor Malibu! We see you girl!

  5. Breast milk gets flavored by what mom eats.

  6. I SERIOUSLY doubt she's really eating those chips. We never actually SEE her eat ANYTHING. She posts pics of food, but we have never seen her eat (chew and swallow) anything. Even her 'taste test' of Spindrift - she barely let the liquid in her mouth. Nope - this is 1000% staged.

  7. Too true. But I’ll bet she drank the wine!

  8. Nope. Mami has calorie free pills … wouldn’t waste the calories to drink. I have a sister with a raging ED… And she would rather take pills the drink because of the calories. It’s very sad.

  9. She is having daily meetings with all the wonderful women that run her fahn pages.

  10. Isn’t it interesting that they have gone silent also. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  11. Is baby's nose Photoshoped (again) in the standing pic but not in the lying down pic?

  12. I think she has a birth mark on the left side of her nose that Hillz has photoshopped/filtered out. Or tried to

  13. Oh, I'm sure she has, one night early in her courtship with Aleek, as he was whiskily bloviating poetry at her

  14. I thought you meant “wistfully” - but your word works much better ! 🍸

  15. And why does he admire Christie (who is a republican) if he’s such a bleeding heart liberal? He fakes his political interests as well. He’s down for anyone that is a sycophant and or has $$$$$ and is also a fat bully.

  16. I die ANYTIME Clams are brought up!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 If that's what you want let me know!!!!

  17. Strap in … he’ll go even further if/when Rust is released!! #hehasnobottom

  18. It’s heartbreaking to watch ! These “ privileged” children lack so much..they’re also very isolated.Friends? Play-dates? No contact with other family members like cousins, etc? Hillary has them isolated on purpose, I’m sure of that..you can guess why..The Baldwins have a lot of money, but that’s all that they have..they are dirt poor in so many other ways, in the things that really matter, the things money cannot buy.

  19. How can she simultaneously talk about lifting women up and “sisterhood” and still use terms like “milking” and “cow” !?!? Pick a lane Hillz.

  20. In my brief look over the code I didn’t see that specific language (though it is used in other jurisdictions). If anything it could potentially fall under the performance statute. Part of the statutory language was written in such a way as to allow for greater interpretation (in my opinion at least).

  21. NP! It’s probably my downvoting stalkers. They follow me everywhere 🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. I also was looking up something about which states have the highest level of Spanish speaking residents. Guess which state is FORTY-NINTH in the US (only beating out Maine). Her parents aren’t monolingual Spanish - so why the big push to make the kids bilingual!?!? It’s just a party trick like her.

  23. Edu was not even two years old when he allegedly said “mamí, you OK?” 🙄😂 Is this the same Edu who appears to be preverbal and locked into a high chair all day to keep the ‘twin’ grift going??

  24. And the same one that was making clicking noises and grunts …. But could say “oh shit” bc of his older brother. 🙄

  25. Her cheese slid all the way off the cracker on this one. She was NEVER that big as she is in the pic on the right!!! And let’s just say she was - now she has NO stomach flab and NO stretch marks!?!?! Arrggghhh. I just can’t w this Loon.

  26. You know the sleep mask is a big part of her sexy time with Alec

  27. Omg. Required wearing ! I’d still have to gouge out my own eyes if it was me. 🤮

  28. (As i’ve shared numerous times before), That’s EXACTLY what her photos and articles about her perfect life, did to me after i gave birth to my son 4 years ago. I was determined to breastfeed him; he wouldn’t latch (later found out it was because he had a tongue-tie); i got horribly engorged breasts and a severe Mastitis infection. And hearing about her breastfeeding her 4 (at that time) kids with no problems at all, made me feel so ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, and DEPRESSED. That was a dark time, and she contributed to the darkness. When i found out it was all FAKE—that she had FAKED all her pregnancies except one and had never really breastfed anyone, it made me LOATHE her.

  29. So sorry that happened to you… and extra sorry that SHE made matters worse! It’s such a private thing - I don’t mind women breastfeeding- but not everyone can - so to “normalize” it seems more like a brag to me … or virtue-signaling- like they are better mommies bc they do it. Virtual hugs pepino!

  30. I think it’s the main bond between her and Aleek. I believe he concocted this plan for her to have kids and “bounce back” (because he was never going to be married to a woman who wrecked her body like his mom did. PS – she didn’t do it by choice… It’s called nature, Alec). I think he has a boob/lactation fetish and she feeds it. Why she does it so publicly is beyond me - but they communicate like pre-teens… passive aggressive shit online and in interviews. It’s really disturbing and those kids are going to be so fucked up from this.

  31. What’s wrong w her neck!?! So weird looking. And she dresses like shit all the time.

  32. She probably WANTS to get out. She stuck inside a NYC apartment with 7 kids and is itching to get out. Plus the Nannie’s are doing the heavy lifting u described. And the kids aren’t begging to go cause the nannies are available

  33. Do the kids still attend school? Or was that “school run” on the day after Quick Draws charges were announced another photo op for her ? She can’t post selfies - so she’s going to get the paps to do it for her. Only downside - they don’t filter the shit out of the pics.

  34. … two new victims. This way - they can take out their twisted narc behavior on each other. They think it’s love. Have at it, you psychos

  35. These are all for Aleek to keep him wanting her. He has a kink for lactation porn - and she thinks nothing of using her kids as props to feed his kink. Which is one thing… But her posting this shit on the Internet is just beyond.

  36. And those “twins“ are not twins! There’s no need for her to breast-feed them together. Eddie is five months, older, and certainly at a different stage of eating than Malibu was. Hillz is just so vile. She was aching for this to become a thing. She should just get an OnlyFans page already, and be done with it. Maybe that’s what the break is about… Maybe she finally has gotten one. God knows they need a income source.

  37. I think their team finally convinced the gruesome twosome that they really are in deep shit and that the online behavior is a liability. Look at the shift pre and post shooting. Tits galore, borderline pornographic content was regular but the shift was necessary because of all the additional attention due to Alec's negligence on set.

  38. But she continued w that crazy shit AFTER the shooting too! I believe most of the tandem bf shots were post-shooting. It's only since the charges were actually filed that the silence (of sorts) has occurred. She has still posted a few pics (hallway shot, St. Patricks Day Hostage Pic of the older kids). There are also her visits to the coffee shop (which just kill me - stay TF home already!) I wonder if the kids have gone to school at all since then ? Maybe they are attending virtually? I feel so badly for the kids. The tension in that place must be neck deep.

  39. One of my favorite lines from this “Baldwin stayed at the apartment well into the early hours, leaving on a rented scooter.”

  40. I hope that makeup artist got combat pay for having to work on Hillary w her rancid cooch wide open for all to suffer

  41. Look at her eyes when the glasses come off- she’s higher than a kite.

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