Being trans is not a mental illness

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  1. That ring needs to come off immediately. This is how bulls are castrated.

  2. This guys awesome. I listen to that podcast too. There May be more than one meaning there tho

  3. I like this one the best, gave me a chuckle

  4. Any success? Like I can’t figure there’s much

  5. Tom Segura can get it (if Christina Ps ok w it) but Brett Crysler can fuck right off

  6. Here's what happened when Jeff met Mr. Rogers again when being inducted into the TV hall of fame:

  7. Wow, what an amazing speech, along with an amazing man. Thanks for posting that link.

  8. The whole Simpson porn… I don’t get it, help me understand.

  9. It’s ok not to understand, it means, in fact you are still sane

  10. Ahhh, ok, it’s very clear now. This sub has gone to shit.

  11. Oh no… bag that slithery boi and evict him before he creeps into bed with you to get warm at night!

  12. I used to take naps with my boa, cuddly boi

  13. I know snakes can be quite pleasant. Lol. I’m not scared of them in general. Although if some rando surreptitiously slunk into bed with me unbeknownst, I’d probably take exception to that.

  14. Lol, definitely fair enough Edit- cool of you to say bag and not kill

  15. I fucking love pangolins and you should too. They are critically endangered- please consider supporting conservation efforts.

  16. Yes! What was the character? Pat, maybe? I love that absolutely fuckin crazy show. All their stuff is just nuts and awesome

  17. I went mano a mano with Ronald McDonald, threw him down on a box of chicken mcnuggets, I pulled off his clown nose and started to fuck it

  18. We need a bot for every time someone makes “a lot” one word. It’s two words. I’m not a grammar nazi but god damn. Thanks, I’ll take my downvotes now

  19. I want to know if she has more videos. Links anyone?

  20. If you want to see if it's a joke hit her back with: fine with me as long as you're okay with leprosy

  21. Lame and immature. You ain’t missing out on a thing.

  22. First thing that came to mind was my best friend saying I wasn't the real me during a very rough acid trip.

  23. Hopefully that feeling passed along with the trip. Once someone told me I was a demon with a tail and red eyes during a trip, thankfully they changed their mind about that when they came down.

  24. You assume these people own a snow shovel... If you don't normally get snow, you don't typically own snow tools.

  25. The whole point of OPs post is to not order if you can’t or won’t make it possible for him to deliver. I live in a warm place with this happening almost never. I would have no problem makeshifting something to get the job done if I was somehow unable to do anything but get food delivered. You’re making excuses for something very simple, that would benefit someone working For you.

  26. I'm just speaking as someone who went from living in TN to MI and know the culture shock of getting snow for the first time. 🤷 literally all I said was they may not know the dangers of it. I also said don't risk your life to deliver these people's food. Them not knowing doesn't mean you gotta walk through it.

  27. If everyone thinks like you, we’re all doomed. ✌️

  28. Oh my goodness, that is a cuteness overload! What a sweet little angel! ❤️

  29. You’re going to attract the wrong kind of attention saying how much you make. Might as well say “Gold diggers only”

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