1. will taking pre calc be worth it. I took pre calc in highschool in junior year, but I did not feel confident with the material, and I have not used anything relating to calculus in almost 2 years. I took the placement test and got placed into pre calc and im wondering if i should try again to get placed in calculus or if i should just take pre calc. Im worried that by taking pre calc i wont be able to graduate on time or i will screw up my major requirements.

  2. Pre calc and calc are more different than they are similar so I wouldn’t waste your time. All you need to revise is trig

  3. There is a major called CSE computer science & engineering

  4. Dunno about this since physics+ Econ describes how/why we live

  5. Getting paid with ✨experience ✨

  6. They could’ve sold the car 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Why are you here bruh 😂💀

  8. Chess club! We’re all friendly <3

  9. I almost wasn’t going to be able to get my degree because Econ 41 got filled up before my enrollment pass…. 4 emails and 1 petition later and I’m stable, for now 💀

  10. Ok but the exam is copy and paste of the problem set

  11. I totally didn’t realize this was a gta post till I read the second paragraph. You really had me in the first half 😂

  12. I’ll be honest, I only started watching it because Cristobal Tapia Da Veer did the music for the show. After watching white lotus and realizing how mesmerizing the music is, I did some research on Cristobal and every show he’s worked on. And to my pleasant surprise every show is weirdly unique and mysterious! I absolutely love this show and I’m glad I found it because of him!

  13. Some wack dude on instagram who uses a pig gilter or something idk but john.pork is his instagram its just pocs of him w a pog filter idk why ppl care tbh

  14. It’s weird though no? Is it some kind of cult? I’m literally getting a short one line message of his name from random people on xbox

  15. I dont even know but my best guess is that its 12 year olds who think annoying=funny

  16. Oh ok. The profile was sending a good message. But I just found it weird that these kids decided to all message me the same thing

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