1. Seeing how you can get marijuana delivered straight to your front door legally and cheap, under the name THCA flower, I don't know why anyone messes with these experimental noids.

  2. I mean, it's still cheap as chips by comparison. Sometimes it's not the legality but the economics that drives decision making.

  3. You feel like you are at a wall because you are buying shit product from shit sources. Buy online and you will find you tolerance getting better and you'l be high again.

  4. Check atomizer usually means the coil is shorted. Have you tried putting a new coil in the tank?

  5. I have as a matter of fact. I had 2 left in a 3 pack. #2 is done for as I wasted 3g of oil in this process. The 3rd is still attached, as I tried it before I put any oil in it just to see.

  6. Try pulling the pin at the bottom of the coil out just a little bit sometimes that helps.

  7. I did exactly this, then filled it up with oil and it worked. Thanks a lot man, I have seen this advice but didn't think it would be a thing I needed to do to a stock product I haven't opened the seal till 5 mins before installing it. But pulling the pin out just a smidge (a smidge is not an accepted measuring term, but everyone reading this knows what a smidge is, I assure you) made the mod accept the tank and I am very high right now. I thank you again, my friend.

  8. Hit the carts with a hair dryer for a minute or two and they will be good to go tonight.

  9. Be careful of the socket you plug a hair dryer into. Just had to reset the breaker tonight because of a particularly thick cart of HHC.

  10. Lol im not looking for a medical diagnosis just any opinions. My life since hasnt been affected by any sort of asthma or breathing problems and my lungs are considered healthy. So no transplant...... i haven't had any kind of side effects from vaping or anything i just wanted to know if i should start considering over a year of vaping sounds like a lot to me.

  11. I have to disagree. And thats just science. Edibles get broken down, digested, metabolized, and you wouodnt get as much product if youbwould have inhaled. As ROA inhalation goes straightbto the brain in seconds. I feel edibles maybe 1 out of 10 times. And its gotta be at least 500mg. Of course, everyone's chemistry is different and react differently than the next. So im.just sayingbas farvas my lucknwith efibles of anykind. I very rarely can even tell i took anything. If i vapped theough 500mg. In 9ne serting off oil. Id be rocked instantly

  12. He's saying it metabolizes into a different, stronger chemical after ingestion. You're absorbing different drugs depending on ingestion method. Comparing edibles and vaping as if they are the same thing is foolish. They are not the same thing. You can't just compare mgs of edibles and mgs of vape, it's an apples to oranges comparison.

  13. woah someone's mad for no reason

  14. Seriously, I was wondering this as well, but it seems you're not allowed to ask questions anymore lest you be told to just stfu.

  15. Lolololol. "Some of them will poison and harm you, but hey live and let live, amirite?"

  16. You actually are right. People make decisions for themselves and if they knowingly choose to harm themselves, they have the right to do so.

  17. Probably exactly it. Disposables are like 30x more expensive and damaging to the environment than DIY. Most people voice their opinion with votes instead of commenting.

  18. Being super sensitive to THC is a thing. My wife can get ripped off of 2 hits reliably for years, and with 3-4 hits can verge on a fainting blood pressure drop. Everyone is different, and some have THC resistance like me, and some are super sensitive to THC like my incredibly lucky wife.

  19. Wow what a terrible reply. My man, this is medicine we are all smoking here. Just because you're young and don't need medicine doesn't mean it isn't medicine for us old farts.

  20. You laughed at someone for saying they use for medicinal reasons. So I have reason to believe you think using for medicinal reasons is laughable, which tells me you don't have any ailments THC cures yet.

  21. It's very helpful for some ppl. I have chronic pain and have had it since birth. I don't wanna kill my liver w pain killers so I get high and it's the only thing that's ever helped other than a handful of painkillers every few hours. I'm lucky to have found a trustworthy dealer who ships.

  22. I know exactly how you feel. Some kiddos on here have no idea how strong of a medicine this really is.

  23. D9 edibles don't do squat for me unless I take stupid amounts, but D8 edibles get me toasty.

  24. “Conclusions: This review shows that CBD, CBG, and CBD+THC combination exert a predominantly anti-inflammatory effect in vivo, whereas THC alone does not reduce pro-inflammatory or increase anti-inflammatory cytokines.”

  25. My experience has not bore that out. I can maintain zero arthritis symptoms on straight D8 with no alts. And I was BAD, like swollen so bad I couldn't walk. Symptom free since 2019.

  26. DA fucking rules my man, still enjoying Batch #79 to this very day

  27. DA sent me a jar of #79 instead of #78 by accident. I'm not complaining. I probably should have, they likely would have sent a new jar out but I like the 79 so far.

  28. Why do they have a section labeled Delta 9 when all the products on that page have virtually none in it?

  29. They have Delta 9 gummies. Gummies are measured by weight, and the gummy material is quite heavy compared to the Delta 9 THC, so you can have like 10mg Delta 9 THC in a 5 gram gummy and be under the 0.3% limit for Delta 9. Therefore Delta 9 gummies are legal and DA can sell them.

  30. I use a Vaporesso tank and my highs last just over 2 hours. I call it my dab rig in my pocket.

  31. Harbor City Hemp sells legit CCells for $1 less than Hamilton, and less even if you buy in bulk.

  32. The oil has to come out some way or another. Vaping is just an aerosolized suspension. Nothing is combusting, you're just heating the oil to a point where it will be carried in the air to your lungs. You need to get that oil out eventually, which is what you're experiencing currently.

  33. It does read a little suspicious, 5 days (considering its too early in the day to count today) to be prescribed medication and diagnosed, is really quick. Also the two companies that they listed aren't considered reputable, so who knows what really was in those disposable vapes. I'm just glad I found this subreddit before it became full of people who walk in to a store and buy it, then asks if its safe.

  34. 5 days? Have you ever tried to get Adderall at a local doctor's office? All you need to do are know the correct answers to maybe 20 questions in a 10 minute consultation and you can walk away with blue adderall tablets the same day.

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