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  1. Govt. college ki gn*d se lekar laadki waalo ke rishte tak sab milega bhai

  2. Meditation kara karo bhai subha uthkar , ek din mein nahi but dhire dhire thik ho jayega . Jab ekdum control na ho tab kabhi kabhi kar liya karo , ek din mein nahi hoga thik , meditation ke bad thoda free hand exercise kar liya karo ghar mein , protein wale khana khaya karo , agar vegan ho tab paneer, curd khaya karo ,aur bhi substitute hain aise , kisi nutritionist se puch lena . Aur padhne ke bad free time mein koi hobby ho to yo karlena like guitar , painting , dancing ... Aur sabse jaruri bat , atheist mat ho jana , jisbi bhagwan ko mante ho ya phir allah ,jesus koi bhi ko unke upar astha rakha karo ... Bass aur kya chaiye ... Agar phir bhi nahi jaye adat masturbation ki tab councilling karlena ... mein bhi dropper hu april attempt padh focus hain . Har har mahadev 👍

  3. Bhai Pata hai naa Ranveer Allahbadia ke saath kya hua? woh sab bhi chor Night fall ka naam suna hai ? Kuch nahi toh night fall hi ho jayega tereko

  4. The word feminist just pushes an trigger in me now days.. for no apparent reason.. agar koi acchi baat bhi boli hogi toh log negetive sense me lenge just because you have used the word feminist

  5. Bhai science Matt le gnd lag jaayegi.. I was a fucking topper in class 10 abhi dekho lowre lage pare hai.. bara hoon isliye keh sakta hoon.. roz takiye ko leke Jab aasu bahenge naa bhai with the constant fear of letting your parents down after they spent fucking lakhs and lakhs on you is depressing . And jitna bhi motivation lele.. you know it from inside you got your self into a wrong thing.. Roz regret karta hoon bhai.. Agar maine apne maa baap ko bol diya hota... it would be a rough talk for sure as they have imagined me studying in science stream from like literally years ago.. and suddenly telling them you want to do something else won't be easy at all... but kaash main keh deta.. or to the least kaash main jee me nahi jata.. my mental stress would atleast be better than what it is now..

  6. title se lag raha hai ki tu Delli ka hai

  7. Jaadu bhai jiss bhi post me jata hoon tera har jagah comment mil jata hai...

  8. Rasagola and Lord Jaganath ☝️

  9. Bruh have bidder aspirations than cars and bike.. jeewan me paisa magta hai.. ghar khareedo.. international tour jao.. bike wike toh buss flex karne ke liye rakhte hai..

  10. Well mai kuch nahi keh sakta cause mai yt se nahi padha hu zyaada par JEE Wallah se mai biomolecules, polymers aur carbonyls padha aur woh bohot ache se samjhaya unhone toh tum unke vids try kar sakte ho.

  11. I am going through a lot of pressure in my academic life till a point that I sleep for only 4 to 5 hrs a day, so peace is the only thing I seek as of now. So let me introduce my self. I am a 16 YO boy from India and have recently shifted from my hometown to a new state.. after coming to this new place I feel lost, nothing seems the same. Although I have people around me but still feels like I am talking to strangers. My grades are falling day by day. Nothing seems to go my way now. I was never very religious on the 1st place but recently I have listed to a podcast where a tantric practitioner was invited.. the words which came out of his mouth was the most beautiful thing I have ever hear. The things he told about the practice, the union of our soles with the Supreme being and the peace which could be attained just opened my mind. I was fascinated to hear that there is so much information in our religion but yet people of the modern Era seems to ignore it. So I just wanted to know how to start my spiritual journey so that someday I could atleast be a few steps closer to The lord

  12. Tantra says make yourself and others happier in the next instance. Religion is the search for happiness. You were, you are, you will always search for happiness. True religion is inside yourself, as you. So, you are asking where do you start? You already have been looking. You just want to get better at it, faster. Tantra will do that faster than anything else.

  13. Yes, you are absolutely correct sir, and I appreciate your answer. But my main question was" how to start". I guess that's a very vague question. To be specific I am asking should I be reading spiritual scriptures and holy texts such as our mahabharata and Bhagwat Geeta or should I chant mantras (if yes then which mantra should I chant and from where would I get it ?) or find my self a guide who can instruct me?.

  14. How to start an initiation ?I have no clue on how to start

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