1. What is the difference? Learn me why to get

  2. Difference between? The travel glass or the puffco itself?

  3. I'm stock Oculus with 4mm. Have Bradley Miller spinner cap on way but can't speak to it yet..I .wasn't impressed with the ball cap either. I like being able to relax and dab and not having to fidget with anything?

  4. I ordered the Miller spinner plug, sent my kid the Kovacs…. Stoked to compare the two

  5. All I heard was “he’s right but I trolled him regardless”

  6. All I was doing was saying “hey do we trust this?” I never attacked anyone but also not a punching bag for anyone based off of my personal knowledge. I’ve supported klutch as much as anyone but will never ever hesitate to call them on their own bs

  7. If anyone has failed to receive a medical card for any reason, please raise your hand

  8. I enjoy it, like citrus and fuel ⛽️ 🍋

  9. I was unaware it had terpinolene, grow Ohio doesn’t mention it. But happy none the less.

  10. This an abundance tbh, I used to seek out the terp and in klutch o43 live resin only hit around 4%. This is better

  11. Skip the purple cake dabs. Just very meh

  12. Smells like grapes, cream, and new shoes. Terps are on the subtle side, though I’m still dialing in my drying environment.

  13. That might be the best looking Cokoh flower I've ever seen

  14. Anyone used one of these? I’d like to refer it to an OG user…

  15. Would you rather drive all the way there, stand in line without any pickup order priority, then they tell you? Zen leaf please keep canceling through texts unlike other dispos who are 100% certain you will not be bothered and simply pick something else bc you are there.

  16. The price has always been a problem. They were $40+ for 0.5g and difficult to determine when they are actually empty when they used the brush style containers. I am in no hurry to support pax or their janky app

  17. Thanks for the suggestion. I want flower for immediate relief. I've used RSO and it's great for sleep for me. 🙂

  18. I also enjoy strains that are high in pinene. If you can get both a & b to the table, good things will happen. Second Breakfast…. MAC

  19. This is a great product. I have never noticed a variance from batch to batch. I comes in fast and remedy recedes quickly as well. I did NOT like to take it before trying to sleep.

  20. I enjoy the OG leaning on the banana side of it

  21. Agreed Notorious smells like an uncooked steak 🥩 two thumbs up

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