1. Gasquet having a top 5ish average speed forehand was not something I expected

  2. The ones I beat. Any one that I lose to is instantly annoying

  3. True, we haven't lost anyone in battle so far, tmrs gonna be no different

  4. Reading comprehension is not a trait of persona fans

  5. Dunno. I don't really have any franchise loyalty. Out of curiosity, how many of y'all choose a main based on how much u like their games

  6. Play for fun. Get your mind off improving and just play. Sometimes that's enough to get out of what seems like a mental block

  7. I mean I'm not gonna throw a tantrum if he gets in. I just think the whole idea of smash is to celebrate as many franchises as possible. If it's between waluigi or chibi robo for example, I'm gonna want more representation

  8. Pichu's pre patch f tilt was a war crime, but the character was going to drop off eventually. Still, he did not deserve losing it imo

  9. Ppl will judge you for whoever you play. The earlier you learn this, the more fun you'll have playing the game

  10. If I'm not mistaken, this scene is from the game "Catherine: full body". It's traced from one of the true ending slides of Catherine's side in the game.

  11. Honestly my main takeaway from this is that zss neutral b is a lot worse than I remember

  12. And side b too. The number of non-disjointed attacks it will clank and leave you in recoil with is absurd

  13. Thundercloud would be a great item if it immediately attaches to the racer in front of you instead of yourself

  14. Smash bros would be better if you have a great holidays and you can do this being the 1st November and the bottom pinball table requires on to simply drive straight and hope the pinballs don't stuff you up

  15. Why does it matter? You're you, not a label that others put on you without getting to know you. Play the video game how you want

  16. If you have a lot of time on your hands, it's amazing. It's a long collectathon, even longer than basically every other one at this time. Pure childhood nostalgia for me, a time where I didn't have to worry abt life XD.

  17. Yeah that is far and away the worst thing about him for sure. But any particular reason it has dropped so dramatically recently?

  18. IIRC Chrom's Up B got nerfed quite hard after 1.0.0 so that it always kills Chrom 1st before his opponent does when they try to do Chromicide. That literally was the only saving grace of his recovery.

  19. I forgot abt that. I think chrom would've fallen off either way tho

  20. Dkc2 will always be my favourite, but I played tf recently and I think it's knocking on the door

  21. It's not really old but the 2006 women's Wimbledon final is so weird to me. Two single handed backhands, playing aggressive serve volley tennis on grass. And a fantastic quality match that felt like a last hurrah of the old days on grass before the surface became too similar to modern hard courts these days

  22. 1HBH are generally harder to teach than 2HBH, and require a higher baseline of strength to effectively teach someone it. So it's a considerable less amount of time for a shot that is quicker to get powerul and accurate, vs a vintage shot that is more aesthetically pleasing but often takes a long time to bring up to par with a 2HBH.

  23. Federer is a tennis icon. Ppl don't know tennis but know federer. That more than anything is probably what Carlos meant

  24. this is the most ??? prediction ever, how would leo ever lose to umeki or TKM

  25. Leo lost to both of them in umebura Japan major 2019 for 33rd.

  26. Definitely p5,although i find it weird they're still called shadows.

  27. Aren't shadows and personas the same thing?

  28. I guess they are, but the renaming came with a conplete rehaul in the enemy types in p3. Going back to the demon designs, it's kinda odd to not call them demons

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