1. I think it’s symbolism. Camila wanted her to fit in (not be straight but like it usually goes hand in hand) but eventually as the series progressed her character no longer was perceived as peer pressuring luz to not be herself (embracing the gay)

  2. I don’t trust Disney to make TOH merch that will do the show justice

  3. You my friend have just given birth to a meme template

  4. Moringmarkugh actually made a comic about this- I just saw it on Instagram lol

  5. Crying, doing school work, crying because of school work, and then crying cuz I’m gay and a hopeless romantic

  6. The ears are similar because magical creatures have pointed ears.

  7. Never seen the capitalization before and I read a LOT of fanfics and am constantly on catradora tiktok lol

  8. Everyone talking about Takina’s act of love attacking Yoshimatsu but bro my fav was when Chisato shot someone with a real bullet and killed them- going against her morals SOLELY to save Takina- goals

  9. How is it English-Dubbed if it originated in English?

  10. Remember: it’s also sexist to give them pro large of not talking shit even if they suck. If a gamer sucks, it doesn’t matter what their gender is, they deserve to be shit talked.

  11. Shit talking is one thing. Most of the attacks toward women are personal and discriminatory. That’s where the problem lies.

  12. I’ll admit I didn’t see this on the horizon. I first met her right after she was elected & she said all the right things; I wouldn’t say she’s likeable but I thought she’d be effective.

  13. I don’t even know what she did. I don’t follow politics but I’ve been living in Chicago for the past 2 years and have no clue what was accomplished lol

  14. I don’t even know why I’m getting downvoted I didn’t even say an opinion I’m just contributing to the conversation man ;-;

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