1. SV question. When trying to take pictures and selfies, can I get my partner Pokemon to sit still or make faces at the camera?

  2. Monsoon is a boss in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

  3. Oh i see, another post about MGR on the MGS sub, cool.

  4. KOFXV is a fantastic game when you can actually play it, but the matchmaking is awful and it would be totally justified to snub it on that alone. KOF and MVS I believe are the only games in this list that still have an active competitive scene (maybe JJBA? No idea on that one).

  5. Sifu is a martial arts title. God of War is a fantasy hack-and-slash.

  6. Santa Monica has delivered two banger releases in the past four years. They've turned God of War from an exemplary action series into 2018's release being among the single greatest games of all time.

  7. They call OFA getting stronger over time stockpiling

  8. It might be. But I can't find anything related to genetics about it.


  10. I don't want to know your reaction when you saw the purple jelly in Remake...

  11. "Sure am glad Square-Enix didn't get CERO'd and have to raise the age rating. Good on them."

  12. Akuma comes here and wrecks. Kazuya goes to Smash and wrecks. Now all we need is Yoshi in SF6 and be SS tier, and the cycle is complete.

  13. Aside from Marss, who I’m pretty sure is just trolling, what other Smash players downplay their mains? I just know ESAM goes on and on about how Pikachu is “busted”

  14. Smash Twitter has a habit of dumping on their mains when they lose. I'm guilty of this since I was also an Ike main.

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