1. Wow, both you spacejunkie and knot-wurkin put it into perfect perspective with both of your comments here. Both comments just spot on!💪💪💪

  2. If it doesn’t happen then you get your money back. So keep up the support! Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. shit, you’re RIGHT 👀 i can hear them coming…

  4. trying to stop our merger will be like trying to stop time itself, because… NCSWIC🚀🌙

  5. we might even suppose that he wanted us to hear it, cuz he put it right next a scoop about upcoming rallies, which would be pretty hard for us to miss

  6. alternate version without old supports

  7. good, that makes more sense. i was wondering how a numerology fan would be off by such an order of magnitude 😂

  8. For the record I posted that truth social made records and I got shit talked from the mods. 😂🤣 LOLOL I was right!

  9. i believe it was simply the fact that u said a Million new users were joining Truth Social every few days

  10. btw, lemme put my top 3 priorities to add if i were in charge here:

  11. I'll send that to the email address provided

  12. this may go without saying, but once we get more detail in the notifications, that opens the door to adding quick interaction buttons for Like, ReTruth, Quote, Bookmark, and/or Reply below the notifications like other apps frequently do

  13. that sub is now restricted to read only unless u request permission to speak. mods there thought that was a good idea, but time will tell of course

  14. He needs to fire his makeup artist right now. His makeup isn’t blended right and isn’t appropriate for that lighting. That is a look for outside lights not dimmer inside filming. And they missed under his eyes completely. He needs to hire someone better.

  15. lol i believe the last 3 out of 4 were recorded on the same day, relax. it won’t happen again

  16. that’s a borderline VERY Interesting Comment 👀

  17. Makes sense that the campaign would want the Facebook account reactivated so that Trump Truths could be reposted there.

  18. ICYMI – on Jan 9th, @TeamTrump account was reinstated on Twitter

  19. I know you guys are emotionally invested in this guy, but know deep down this guy is a self serving scumbag. Set yourself free. Just admit this guy only cares about himself. Life will go on. Find a new hobby!

  20. in it to win it, but thank you for caring 🫶

  21. moments before that, Elon tweeted this:

  22. some say he has gotten even more tan since then

  23. i like how we shot straight thru the 17th floor in only 10 minutes 😁

  24. here’s a good one related to this story

  25. he has said this before at a Rally:

  26. even the other part about having lots of money, he said at another Rally too:

  27. Fauci is the 'state scientist' that championed the lockdowns which lead to the election of 2020. Him being exposed is not even remotely off topic. In fact, it's about the only notable thing that has happened recently that is worth talking about.

  28. the long awaited Plandemic was activated as a means to help rig the election, throttle Trump’s Campaign & Rallies, and facilitate the suppression of the inevitable Laptop October Surprise

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