1. Tester, Sinema and Manchin should be a bit worried for their seats

  2. Jim Justice (the Governor of West Virginia) is apparently thinking of running against Manchin for the senate seat

  3. I would love for Jon and Claire to go back to the borderlands series. BL2 could be a very fun series to watch

  4. What’s up with that question mark shaped province in Sierra Leone where homosexuality is punishable by prison?

  5. People dying? Ughh, such a facepalm! 🤦‍♂️

  6. Blue New England and red Deep South would be such a politically outlandish concept to them

  7. I’m honestly still pissed that the Tennessee gerrymander even passed. Literally the most blatant example of gerrymandering this cycle (cracking up Nashville so it doesn’t have a blue district).

  8. Never knew about this system until KnowingBetter made a video about it. Truly disgusting stuff

  9. I can't believe the council voted to allow The Human Goo to occupy so much land in NYC without getting a single concession from The Goo. They'll do anything to lower housing costs; even allow The Goo to agglomerate 30% of the population into it's form and increase the vacancy rate.

  10. Crime has increased because of the goo as well. Many studies suggest this is because of the negative psychological effects of seeing a 1 km long sphere of human goo in your city every day

  11. The real problem for anyone going against Trump is that Trump is petty enough to run as a 3rd party candidate and absolutely destroy the chances of anyone running for the GOP. Would DeSantis be willing to run and become one of the worst performing candidates in Republican history absolutely destroying his chances of winning in 2028 or later?

  12. 1912 election part 2: Theodore Roosevelt (Donald Trump) leaves the Republican Party and forms a third party after losing the primaries to his former protégé turned rival, William Taft (Ron desantis). This leads to a split republican vote, allowing a the Democratic Party to win. That’s probably not what’s gonna happen, but it is possible none the less. Also interesting is that many people in 1912 criticized Roosevelt by saying he was running for president for his ego and spoiling the electorate.

  13. Using the vita-saw and blutsauger might be an even worse combo. You lose 10 help and lose a lot of your health regen. You become super vulnerable to the point where syringes aren’t worth even worth the risk. Plus the organ system makes the vita-saw pretty much useless unless you somehow hit someone

  14. The only true party is the AP Party of Türkiye lead by the GLORIOUS PRESIDENT ERDOGAN 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  15. Kanye has staged a military coup against Erdogan to stop this urban hell

  16. The election process was fair, aside from the gerrymandering. Although dems would’ve still won without the gerrymandering, it definitely did boost them in many races. Although I am a dem, I really wish our state didn’t resort to drawing these districts. I’m hoping independent non-partisan commissions will be available during the next redrawing cycle.

  17. This also applies to many other states. Most notably Wisconsin, where dems won 51% of the state vote but only 30% of the US house seats. Gerrymandering is a plague on our democracy.

  18. That dem flip in Washington-3 might be the biggest upset of the election so far. 538 gave the republicans a 97% chance of winning it. These California elections are gonna be interesting.

  19. Well there’s still a decent chance Republicans take the house, although by a razor-thin margin

  20. Many also underestimated how much Gen Z went out to vote during these midterms, since midterms usually have lower voter turnout among younger people. Gen-Z overwhelmingly voted for the democrats this election

  21. Massachusetts and Maryland flipped blue as well, and it looks like Arizona might as well

  22. I looked a bit more, and it’s likely an error from NYT. ABC is reporting that Hamilton went to Salvi by 74% with 2,500 votes. I wonder why NYT said the county reported >95% of its votes? Pretty major error

  23. A lot of these territories make sense… except for Goodland (western Kansas/eastern Colorado). That area of the map is so sparsely populated. I don’t even think there’s a single large or even medium sized city or town there. Why do they need a separate weather station I wonder

  24. Looking at the New York Times website rn. There are still 4 counties where votes are being counted. Adam Frisch Leads in 3 of those counties (Garfield, Pitkin and Pueblo), and these counties also voted blue in the 2020 presidential election (although Pueblo was only won by Biden by 1.7%). Otero County is another county where votes are being county, and is expected to be won by Boebert. Of all of these counties, Pueblo is the most populated. Pueblo is likely going to be the deciding factor in this election. I think Fisch is on track to win this election tbh. But I’m not getting my hopes up just yet

  25. Wisconsin seems like a win for the dems so far. The senate election as I’m typing this (1:53 am central time) has Ron Johnson at 51% while Mandela Barnes is at 49%, with 93% of the vote counter. Seems like Barnes performed better than expected so far. Guess we’ll see super soon if he’s going to win or not. Some expected the Governor race to flip, but that wasn’t the case either.

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