1. I can say rise of the cheat potion maker has the same feel to it

  2. +1 for the Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker rec. Surprisingly good, especially the audiobook.

  3. This is the trope called "the author has never been in an adult relationship before in their life."

  4. Am I the only one who screamed "The World" while reading it?

  5. Literally why I'm not (just) pro-choice, I'm pro-abortion. It would be better for a kid to just straight-up not exist than for them to exist and be abused.

  6. And Campaign For North Africa. No one seems to like Campaign For North Africa either.

  7. Is Campaign for North Africa what it sounds like? A semi-historical TTRPG of the cutting and pillaging of North Africa by Western powers? Or is it different?

  8. It's exactly like that. CFNA is infamous for being absolutely ANAL about even the tiniest detail. You have a table to determine exactly how fast water is evaporating from your water supplies. Due to the thousands of stats, checks, and dice rolls you have to keep track of, one entire game supposedly takes longer than the actual IRL campaign it was based on.

  9. What the fuck is up with Reddit's parents? Mine never did this shit at all, but every comment is relating to this hypothetical nightmare.

  10. Find ONE subreddit or Facebook group that talks about how loving and supportive their parents were. Go ahead, I'll wait.

  11. That would imply they're doing it intentionally. I promise you, they're not.

  12. It's worrying that I can't tell if this is legit or a "sharks are smooth" style joke.

  13. I have mixed feelings about terms like "anti-fascist" and "anti-racist" because in my mind, the opposite of being fascist or racist is just being a normal, not-idiotic person with a functioning sense of empathy.

  14. It's so funny how much of a stereotypical fandom the MHA fandom is

  15. Would you say MHA is the secret fourth member of the unholy trinity of SuperWhoLock?

  16. I'm not sure if Perrito is genuinely that innocent or if he's like that as a coping mechanism.

  17. Its so the content wont be claimed as stolen, its now "theirs". Just a work around to upload others contents

  18. I think it's a thing where podcast-style content (i.e. "just talking") needs to have SOMETHING on the screen so it's not just a blank black screen with a voiceover.

  19. Nope, no shame at all. They have an "us against the world" mindset, where anything they do is justified, and anything anybody not in their group does is an attack.

  20. It's 'cus you look like a fucking bitch! You wanna fucking go bro‽‽ I'll beat your fucking ass! You scared you little pussy‽

  21. [bored monotone] Yes, I am scared. You would definitely kick my ass. [continues drinking].

  22. I'm usually the target of the sad old man who wants to tell you his life story. God, I hate townie bars.

  23. Was it 9 o'clock on a Saturday? After the regular crowd shuffles in?

  24. Kanji is fucking amazing, bro just does not care for the women and doesn’t get any praise for it.

  25. Kanji reminds me of a bi friend of mine who "likes his men girly and his women manly,"

  26. Once again, i have to say this. One ton of concrete is actually QUITE small. In order to live out your anarchic fantasies, you're going to need to take your wheelbarrow to Wal-Mart and fill that bad boy with as much sugar as you can physically lift. And then somehow pour all that sugar into the cement truck, the opening of which is 6 or 7 feet off the ground.

  27. Wouldn't that just create a lot of tomboyish women? Not that that's a BAD thing, of course, quite the opposite, in fact!

  28. On the few occasions in my childhood that I required that level of correction while under grandma's care I learned of her great expertise.

  29. I always brought back the BIGGEST one because I was a nasty, spiteful little shithead and knew that physical pain was only temporary. "Hit me as hard as you can! I fucking DARE you!"

  30. Wow shes only 5'5"... thats like... not tall. I thought she would be at least 6 ft

  31. Women tend to be shorter. Even Coco, the Almighty Tallest of Hololive, was only about 5'9''.

  32. I mean Fate and Popotan both exceeded their roots.

  33. Does anybody even remember Popotan as anything besides the original CaramellDansen video?

  34. I'm always interested in stories where the MC starts out as a weird little monster. Everybody Loves Large Chests is a treasure-chest mimic. Queen In The Mud is a salamander. I'm A Spider Now, So What? is, you guessed it, a spider.

  35. I wonder how many don't even know that her name is Iofifteen, rather than Iofi.

  36. If a nickname is used often enough, people might forget the actual name. Coco didn't know Yagoo's actual name is "Tanigo Motoaki" until a few months after debut. She even met him in person!

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