1. For me it is a combination of very low stamina (cum in seconds), and submissiveness that makes me a cuckold.

  2. I hear you. Some seem to do it as a visual stimulation to ad to their submissive nature. Even though they are well endowed and have stamina.

  3. I am average and have great stamina but I’m still a 100% sub

  4. How dare you forget Lord Flashheart.

  5. Clear to portray yourself as a worker pulling a stranger/passenger around. Until you stop and someone jumps in 😂

  6. What i usually find is the cuck doesn’t want her do have a relationship with them, just s3x. Wouldn’t that put you off?

  7. Some people have a fetish of the woman engaging in hookup culture as a part of that. Having a heavy rotation. That would be a bit much. Maybe a couple lovers? Possibly, ex lovers/vanilla lovers. It would have to be a convo- safety first.

  8. That could work. Some married have said their wife has one other lover or one long-term lover at a time. That’s it.

  9. Are they ever the opposite of you? Does she have a type? Why do you like clean up?

  10. They already have aubameyang who I don't think Potter is too fond of, if he has any say, he wouldn't want another huge ego and paycheck who's past their prime to come in. I'd imagine at this point it has to be either Saudi arabia or the MLS. His only value compared to his wages at this point is jersey/ticket sales and top European clubs have plenty of both

  11. Saudi!? 😂 CR doesn’t need the money. He wants the glory. You might see him at Liverpool just for spite!

  12. I know this post was for SD. But thought as someone that successfully married their SD, I could chime in. Age gap is 23 years. He’s 53 I’m 30. Not a power Imbalance per say but, there were some issues before we got engaged/ married. I’m also okay with him making decisions on most things. We definitely do a good job compromising. But I had been sugar dating since I was 18 so by the time I was 26, I knew what I was looking for and what I wanted in a marriage. Neither one of us “planned” it however, it works.

  13. That’s the best way. You can’t plan for it. Just see how things develop naturally

  14. No, I've only gotten two messages so far, one rejected me and I rejected the other.

  15. i’m more of a service top. i love focusing on my sub’s pleasure but also being in control. my favorite fantasy is jerking off a sub from behind while they sit in my lap, listening to them whimper and beg me to let them finish…

  16. Lots of stuff. Movies, music and TV for my jellyfin server. Home photos and videos. Ebooks. Audiobooks. Backup images for 4 computers in the household. Actual Linux ISOs. Game images for emulators. TV recordings. Music videos. Random documents and files.

  17. Without hitler doing what he did osamu tezuka wouldn’t have been depress and make Astro boy, the first anime. Without hitler we’d have no super saiyan.

  18. Hmm I’m gonna write a new manga 🤔 what should I name my characters? Damn I’m hungry I wonder what’s in my fridge… oh there’s only carrots and other vegetables… hey wait a minute… ca-carrot? vegeta-ble?

  19. Dr Hedo, he is from Dragon Ball Super Super Hero. He's the one who put's the second super in title, so you know he has all the style.

  20. That's fine as long as the provider has already said it was okay beforehand otherwise it's not. Not everyone is comfortable with that and we aren't therapists 🤷

  21. You’d be surprised how many people actually watch a full 90 minutes. A lot of people watch football via short highlight packages.

  22. At least it’s official now. I remember having to watch 360p quality with polish/Arabic commentary. The struggle was real.

  23. You are right, he could be massively inconsistent. Butttt, he was playing in a GARBAGE tier side for the 14/15 and 15/16 seasons and largely carried us through those years. I don’t think anyone compares him to KDB. Ozil is a better comparison, some really world class seasons, some pretty good ones. Ozil was still better though, and Coutinho left the minute he could. Genuinely not even slightly sad about his downfall, everyone at the club warned him what could happen. Instead he decided to fake injuries, strop about the pitch and refuse to celebrate. Glad he’s gone.

  24. I’ve got 2 big packets of salt & vinegar and a few hula hoops. Would that be enough?

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